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How to Overcome the Fears about 2017

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

We have been through a lot this year. Without listing tragic losses and political events, I for one am ready for the promise of a fresh new year. So how can we put all that stuff behind us and look forward with positivity? I think it is very important to pay attention to not only our thoughts but also the conversations we find ourselves drawn into and surrounded by.

We have all heard the concept that we are the sum total of the five people that we spend the most time with. I am not sure how strongly I agree with that statement, as it sounds a little too prescriptive to me. But I do think there is some logic there.

Our social circle influences us inside and out. If we surround ourselves with negative people, we will have more negative experiences. And the same is true if we tell ourselves negative things.

So when it comes to approaching a new year that we have such high hopes for, consider your mindset and your influences. Let’s go into 2017 with positivity and hope, not fear of failure, or worry about things going off course. Here are a few ideas to work with.

Work on your inner voice

It is so important to speak to yourself kindly. After all, you are listening both consciously and unconsciously. If you repeatedly tell yourself that things will go wrong, you will produce a self-fulfilling prophecy. Honestly, we, human beings, do not know our own strength sometimes. Positive actions come from positive thoughts. If you want to achieve good things this year, then say good things to yourself. And while you are at it, spend more time with positive people. Good vibes really are contagious.

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Find an accountability buddy

If you struggle with motivation or tend to procrastinate out of fear, I promise you are not alone. The trick is to not try to do it all by yourself. Find a friend that also has a goal to aim for this coming year. It does not have to be the same as yours. The idea here is to motivate each other by checking in, offering encouragement, and holding each other accountable.

Many of us tend to give up on ourselves. But would you give up so easily on a friend? Of course, you wouldn’t. So find a positive person that you trust and ask them for mutual support. If you are afraid or overwhelmed, your accountability buddy is a sounding board and a reassuring hand to hold. If you have a tendency to lose motivation, then your buddy is there to give you a kick in the right direction.

Don’t worry, be happy

Easier said than done? There is some really simple science to boosting your mood; it is a chemical reaction. When you are feeling down, worried and stressed, get your neurochemicals firing. Exercise releases the endorphins you need, and it works almost instantly. Whether you like to run, lift weights or dance around the staff room at work, just get moving.

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If you are feeling fearful about things, stop over-thinking and take some evasive action. Once you have boosted your mood, revisit the thing you were worrying about and see how much more creatively and positively you think now. A few little mindset shifts can make a big impact on your year. Have you got any big plans or goals for 2017? Please do share in the comments below.