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8 Problems Every Introvert Has to Deal With

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

In a world where people tend to believe that introversion is a disorder and a string of insecurities, it is not easy to be an introvert. People misunderstand you, bring you down and judge you for who you are. You feel like something is wrong with you and you are the only one who lives a ‘wrong’ life. In reality, you are not the only one who struggles to survive in an extroverted world. Almost every introvert relates to the following problems, so you are totally fine.

1. You feel invisible

Since you do not talk too much, people think you are not sociable and stop talking to you the moment you appear in the room. You feel like no one notices you and you are not interesting to others. All you think about is how to run away and reach a safe place – your home – as quickly as possible.

In reality, people notice you, so try to at least listen to others. I know, you dislike small talk (I do, too) but as soon as you show your excellent listening skills and express your point of view ( you do not have to talk a lot), you will feel more relaxed and it will be easier to get along with those around you.

2. You think you lack charisma

Every one of us has charisma, but we often give up on it. You are capable of developing charisma. After all, no one is born likable. You can develop your charisma but do not be so hard on yourself and keep your expectations in check. You can’t please everyone, so do not waste your time trying to make yourself seem perfect to others. Just be who you are, and be open to new personality changes.

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3. You feel like no one appreciates you

Wrong. You may not be the most sociable person in the office or in the house, but it does not mean no one appreciates you. Chances are, you do not appreciate yourself, so you think others do not value you as well. Replace a negative self-image with a positive one, and get rid of the negative voices chattering in your head. You will feel the difference then.

4. You are excited to spend the whole weekend with your friends/coworkers, but end up feeling totally exhausted right after 2 hours spent together

Every time someone throws a party – be it in the office or at my friend’s house, I feel excited and happy to visit it, but the next moment I feel like it is better to stay home because I know that I would feel exhausted an hour after a party begins. And it is not only about the parties. It is about BBQ, picnics, family gatherings, etc. Introverts struggle to spend a lot of time with a large group of people, especially with strangers. We crave more alone time. It is our nature. Nothing wrong.

5. You have trouble organizing your thoughts when someone is around you

Many introverts, especially creative ones, tend to work from home because they can’t work in a noisy office. It does no mean that they are bad at working in teams, though. They just need space and silence to work efficiently and productively.

6. You have a bad relationship with your phone

Have you checked your phone during the day today? Chances are, no, because you are afraid of making and receiving the calls. Texting is your thing, but calling is your worst nightmare. The next time your phone rings, do not ignore it. Fight your fear. You are much stronger than it. Also, find the courage to call others. The more often you do it, the easier it becomes to handle your phone calls.

7. You blame yourself for being an introvert

Let’s be honest: how many nights did you spend crying and blaming yourself for being an introvert? How many days did you spend wishing you were an extrovert in the company? Many introverts struggle to change themselves and become extroverts, but they do not realize that all their efforts are in vain. Introversion is not a habit; it can’t be changed. It is your nature. The earlier you embrace it, the more comfortable you start feeling in your own skin.

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8. You find it hard to wake up in the morning every work day…

…because you know that you will have to deal with complicated people, listen to them, speak to them, handle unfair criticism and overall spend most of your time with people. Unless you work from home, you find it difficult to get up and head to work. Although it is not a disease, you need to motivate yourself to enjoy every weekday morning. Think positively and consider changing some of your negative morning habits.

There are many problems every introvert has to deal with on a daily basis. Some of them may seem stupid to extroverts, but in fact, extroverts have to cope with the problems that we, introverts, can only laugh at. For instance, who can dread alone time? Extroverts are so freaky at times. Just like we are. Since none of us is ideal, let’s love each others but without forgetting to love ourselves first. What are the biggest problems you, as an introvert, have to handle daily?