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7 Effective Public Speaking Tips for Introverts

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Career

The world is full of people who are introverts by nature. If you are an introvert, it does not mean you are automatically doomed to a failure, loneliness and isolation. While it is difficult to go against your own nature, you can surmount various barriers, if you set a certain goal.

As an introvert, I can state with assurance that public speaking is the number one fear of all introverts. We find it difficult to unleash our potential, because we feel like a fish out of water, when standing in front of the audience. I would like to prove that even self-conscious introverts can become successful public speakers and offer your attention the pieces of advice that will help you move the situation off dead center.

1. Have a clear understanding of the topic

This task is quite easy for introverts, because thinking and analyzing is their cup of tea. People often say that improvisation is the sign of professionalism, but every professional knows that the best improvisation is an already prepared improvisation.

No matter, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you should know and understand almost everything about the topic under consideration, because people can interrupt you with questions during the speech. If you do not want the listeners to put you to the blush and lead you up the garden, you should be ready to answer their extraordinary and tangled questions.

2. Practice as much as possible

I have always wondered how many people give incredibly good speeches fluently. My friend works as a teacher and she often performs before a large audience. I knew that she was an introvert by nature and I decided to drum up her secret to becoming a successful speaker.

Her success was not a kind of magic. She just practiced public speaking at home on a regular basis. Her piece of advice helped me improve my public speaking skills. If you want to reach the same goal, you should practice as much as possible. Constant improvement and practice will fill your heart with confidence, bravery and emotional toughness.

3. Split your report into smaller parts

Introverts are inborn analytics and strategists. These people can create, manage, schedule and plan everything with ease. If you want to make your everyday practice more effective, try to split your presentation into parts and then polish every part separately.

This way, you will be able to reduce the preparation time, focus on the most important points and memorize the key words. Experienced public speakers say that it’s crucially important to structure the report and stick to already designed plan during the speech.

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4. Speak slowly

If you wholeheartedly believe that fast speech will help you impress the audience, you are mistaken. Both introverts and extroverts should remember that nothing must be done hastily, but killing of fleas.

Your head is probably full of interesting and valuable ideas, but you should control yourself, suppress that desire to go over your head and follow your time limit during the presentation. Your attempts to speak faster than usual can lead to situational stuttering, constant repetitions and affect the quality of your speech.

5. Try not to wander from the point

Many introverts are afraid of public speaking, because they mistakenly think that they will lose the train of thoughts and become confused when giving a speech. Although life is an unpredictable thing, in most cases, everything depends on you.

If you are fond of coloring your speeches with various jokes, stylistic devices and funny stories, you should be sure that you will quickly and successfully return to the point under consideration. It is not recommended to jump from one point to another. Constant digressions from the topic can distort the message of the speech and entangle the listener.

6. Control your stress level

It is almost impossible to take control over uncontrollable things. However, you can find the most suitable psychological technique that will help you cope with your fears. Public speaking is an extremely responsible and stressful event, especially for introverts.

The most successful public speakers advise the beginners to control their emotions by using breathing and visualization techniques. Before you start giving your speech, create a successful outcome for your presentation in you mind. It will stabilize your cortisol levels before an important event.

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7. Keep speaking regardless of everything

Introverts usually set high standards of performance for themselves and others. They should finally accept the fact that every person has the right to make a mistake. If you make a slip in speaking or say something odd, you should keep speaking, as if everything goes according to the plan.

When you behave in a confident manner, the audience will not pay attention or attach much importance to your remarks. Sometimes it is appropriate to use humor. It can help you defuse even the most awkward situations.

Keep in mind that both introverts and extroverts have equal chances to become successful public speakers. I hope my pieces of advice will help you overcome your fear and achieve a desirable result. Do you know any other ways to wave goodbye to the fear of public speaking?