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8 Business Body Language Tips Professionals Follow

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Career

Body language can either boost or break your career. Your facial expressions, your manner of speaking, your posture and almost every physical movement are all those things that really matter. Whether it’s your new job or you just try to improve yourself and get a promotion, you should know the most important business body language tips. By using smart body language, you can project many positive and professional qualities such as confidence, assertiveness, intelligence and interest. Here is the list of eight business body language tips that most professionals follow.

1. Develop a good facial expression

One of the most difficult things to control is a facial expression. It takes a lot of efforts and time to learn how to control your facial expression at work or during different business meetings. You can improve your facial expressions by practicing them in a mirror at home. Moreover, use a mirror at your workplace to monitor your facial expressions and improve some of them. If your goal is to improve your facial expression, be sure to pay attention to it at least every hour.

2. Learn to listen and keep your eye contact

Keeping your eye contact is a must everywhere: at work, at home and on date. When it comes to work, an eye contact is the key to success. Try to find a fine line between staring blankly at your interlocutor and keeping eye contact with them. You should also learn how to listen to your interlocutor and show them that you’re interested in everything they’re saying. You can nod or say a few words or use your facial expressions. But don’t forget about keeping eye contact.

3. Smile

Sure, you don’t have to smile and laugh all the time and you should never fake your smile. Whether you talk to your coworker or boss, it’s crucial to smile sincerely. If you fake your smile, they will notice that and they won’t take you seriously, or worse, they might think that all you body language movements are fake. By smiling sincerely, you will project friendliness, positivity and you can even boost your coworker’s mood.

4. Keep your palms facing down

While many people don’t know about this move, it’s still worth using. Many researches claim that when people place their palms down on tables, podiums, folders, or windowsills while speaking to someone, it shows a sense of authority and leadership. When I was a student, I thought that when people keep their palms facing down, it’s a bad habit. But it’s actually a good move that many professionals use.

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5. Develop a good handshake

Ask your parent, sibling or friend to help you develop a good handshake. You handshake should be strong, but not excessively firm. While a strong handshake conveys your confidence, respect and professionalism, an excessively firm handshake conveys strength and dominance, which is not as good as you think. When you shake hands with professionals upon meeting or greeting, pay attention to their handshakes. You will see and feel the difference.

6. Improve your posture and stance

If you want to make a good impression and look more professional, try to improve your posture and stance. Sometimes small things make a huge difference. Your boss and coworkers will definitely notice your good posture and wide stance, even if they won’t tell you it. If they won’t notice, let it be. Do it for yourself. You will feel more confident and powerful. Plus, a good posture is the key to a healthy back.

7. Watch your body movements

If you notice that you scratch, squirm, wiggle, touch your nose or hair when talking to someone, break this habit since it shows that you are nervous or anxious. If you are prone to gesticulation, don’t gesticulate too often and too frantically – you don’t want your interlocutor to pay attention to your body movements only. Your interlocutor should pay attention to what you are saying, not what you are showing.

8. Don’t cross your arms

You may say that many professionals cross their arms and it conveys strength and confidence. It’s actually a myth. When you cross your arms or legs, it makes you seem defensive and closed off to your interlocutor. This move is particularly a big no-no whenever you are attempting to build a relationship, get a job, or give an important speech.

When you are trying to become more professional and reach huge career goals, these body language tips can come in handy. It’s hard to improve a body language, so don’t give up after your first attempt. Make small changes each day, and enjoy awesome results down the road. If you have any tips on how to improve a body language, feel free to share them with us.