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9 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Neck Fat

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Health & Fitness

Fat around neck may be a real problem, especially if a double chin is present. People seek different ways to quickly get rid of the excess fat in this area, however many of them fail to do this. Excess fat around the neck can be an early sign of obesity so it is important to get rid of it as soon as possible. Here is how to quickly beat the bulge around the neck.

1. Lower your calorie consumption

Losing weight all over the body will inevitably lead to shedding fat from the neck area as well. This can be done by lowering the amount of calories you consume on a daily basis and eliminating foods high in calories such as chocolates, cakes and pizzas. Incorporating physical exercise into your daily routine such as jogging, swimming and cycling will aid in weight loss too.

2. Do neck exercises

Specific neck exercises are an effective way of toning the neck muscles and burning fatty cells present in the area. One of the best neck exercises is neck tilting. While standing up straight, tilt the head to the right, but still looking straight. Continue tilting until the head is tilted at a 30 degree angle, hold for a few seconds and then slowly bring the head back to its normal position. Repeat 5 to 10 times, and repeat for the left side.

3. Do neck stretches

Like neck tilting, neck stretches are also a useful way of strengthening the neck muscles and toning them. Larger neck muscles can give the skin a more tightened appearance. One of these stretches is rotating the neck in a slow motion to all directions. Repeat several times.

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4. Chew gum

Although this is not the best way to get rid of neck fat, chewing gum enables the neck muscles to work harder, hence toning them and leading to the promotion of fat burn around the neck area. This does not mean you should chew gum all day long, a few minutes a day will be enough to help fat around your neck disappear for good.

5. Stay hydrated

Drinking water can be a vital aid in weight loss as it makes you feel fuller quicker so that you can avoid overeating and hence more fat can be eliminated from the body. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day is usually recommended as a part of a healthy diet.

6. Maintain a straight posture

This sounds like a hard task, yet maintaining a straight posture all the time, while standing and sitting, is an effective way to strengthen the neck muscles, promoting fat loss in the area.

7. Drink green tea instead of coffee

Green tea is good at tackling excess fat, including the neck fat. Green tea is chock full of powerful antioxidants and it is a great metabolism booster. Green tea helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, which means you will not have to get rid of loose skin. Drinking green tea 3 times a day produces the most quickest results.

8. Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is extremely effective in reducing a double chin as it not only decreases fat but also improves elasticity of the skin. Microwaving 2 teaspoons of cocoa butter and massaging the desired area twice daily may produce optimal results.

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9. Stay positive

Maintaining a positive attitude and mindset when trying to reach a goal of burning neck fat is one of the most important ways to drop weight. Sticking to the exercise routine and consuming healthy foods regularly are not always easy. No matter how many times you have failed, make sure you keep trying losing the neck fat.

If all of these steps are permanently implemented and practiced on a daily basis, noticeable results will be achieved faster than you think. If you been trying to get rid of neck fat, you probably have some other tips to share with us. Please do it in the comments section.