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How to Master the Art of Foot Massage

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Health & Fitness

Foot massage has been practiced in many cultures for many centuries. It has been effectively used over the centuries to promote good health and well-being. In today’s world, it is actually considered a complementary and alternative medicine by millions of people to help reduce anxiety and stress, and relieve pain. In addition, it also helps in rehabilitating injuries and boosting general health.

You can actually massage your feet at home every evening as long as you are conversant with the right techniques. You do not have to head to a spa for a session. A few minutes of foot massage every day is enough to provide you with all the health benefits associated with the practice. Here’s your complete guide to a perfectly relaxing foot massage.

Prepare a foot bath

Before you begin the exercise, soak your feet in warm or a bit hot water for 5-10 minutes. You can add Epsom salt, foaming gels, scented oils, or any special foot product, for a better result. Rub the feet gently to remove any dirt and towel dry.

Get ready for your foot massage

Look for a comfortable chair, preferably one with a foot rest and padded arms, such as a recliner. Ensure that you are comfortably seated before you start your massage. Place your right foot on top of your left leg and start the massage. Once you are through with your right foot, move to the left one.

If you are going to use lotion or oil, use a towel to protect furniture and clothing. Apply some oil or cream to your hands and rub them vigorously in order to make them warm before beginning the foot massage.

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5 foot massage techniques to try

1. Stroking

The importance of stroking is to help stimulate circulation and warm your feet. Hold your foot’s bottom with your hands. Start rubbing your foot’s top, working your way slowly down to your sole. As you get closer to the sole, apply more pressure. Change directions and rub the foot moving slowly toward the top, while reducing pressure as you go up. Repeat the process 3 to 5 times.

2. Ankle rotation

This helps loosen your joints and relax your feet. Place your left foot on top of your right thigh. Using your hands, rotate your foot at the ankle 3 to 5 times in each direction. If it hurts, stop your massage.

3. Toe massage

Your toes are very sensitive to touch just like your fingers. Focus on each of them. Gently pull on each of your toes. Slide your index finger in all the gaps between your toes. Move the index finger back and forth in each gap for several minutes, while rubbing the base of every toe with the index and thumb fingers if necessary. Slide all your fingers gently between each of your toes, while rubbing a small quantity of massage cream or oil between each one.

4. Arch press

This foot massage technique helps to release tension in your inner and outer longitudinal arches. Close your hand in a fist and use the tops of the fingers to apply pressure to the arch of your foot. Roll back and forth in order to knead the skin gently.

5. Rub the heel

Use your thumbs for this technique. Make small circles on the heel of your foot using medium to heavy pressure. Work your way around the entire heel. Apply the same technique to the ball of your foot.

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Using the above mentioned food massage techniques will help relax your feet and relieve pain. However, if you have cracked feet, make sure you heel your feet before opting for foot massage. Otherwise, it can lead to serious infection, disease and extreme pain. What are your favorite foot massage techniques?