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8 Yoga Blogs to Inspire You to Get on the Mat

Catalina 6 months ago - in Health & Fitness

From yoga inspiration to meditation, these yoga blogs will instantly inspire you to get on the mat. They are great sources of tips for beginners, yoga lovers and yoga experts. I spend most of my time perusing fashion, food and yoga blogs and have many favorites. Whether you have been practicing yoga for 10 years or 10 minutes, you will definitely find something for yourself on one of these 8 yoga blogs.

1. The Yoga Blog

If you are looking for tips, truth and gears relating to yoga, The Yoga Blog is your kind of blog. Besides credible information, it offers video tutorials. The blog contains a section that offers videos for those who would like to learn yoga by themselves. And most importantly, it has a wonderful navigation, user-experience and exquisite design.

2. Do You Yoga

This is one of the blogs that will probably compel you to get on the mat. Its writers are picked up from some of the most reputable yoga pundits across the world. Moreover, they have a hands-on demonstration of new skills and amazing maneuvers. Do You Yoga is perfect for beginners.

3. Yoga Dork

Are you the type of person who loves urban pop culture? Well, then you really should bookmark this blog. It brings out yoga as a fusion of sports and pop culture. This gives you the perfect urban healthy living. Yoga Dork has earned reputation from a couple of news authorities, such as the New York Times, which described it as ‘an intersection of the pop culture’.

4. Rachel Brathen Yoga Lifestyle

Rachel’s blog is quite impressive. If you like reading whimsical stuff, this is your perfect blog. Apart from being overly interesting, the posts are meaningful and credible. They are done by experts and thus, you have no reason doubting anything.

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5. Yogi Approved

This is basically a fitness blog that has much to offer. You will find tips on good health as well as psychological reformation. Also, you will find highly credible content concerning the latest yoga maneuvers. One of the best things about Yogi Approved is that there are tons of motivational and inspirational articles to boost your spirit when needed.

6. Yoga Basics

If you have just joined yoga, you have no reason to freak out or panic. The Yoga Basics blog gives you step-by-step basics that will introduce you to the yoga world. The articles on this blog are quite engaging to make you understand the whole concept.

7. Daily Cup of Yoga

If you want to learn the line between the physical and spiritual aspect of yoga, this is the perfect website for you. Besides offering you information about different yoga poses, this blog boasts a large archive and it is easy on your eyes too. You will learn tons of life skills as well.

8. Yoga with Adrienne

Do not let your heart be troubled about being chubby anymore. Adrienne offers you the newest and most credible tips for improving your yoga. The blog offers you tips on how to use yoga to lose weight. According to the feedback, the tips really work.

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By now, you definitely have a reason to make yoga part of your culture, don’t you? Do not wait till you are too chubby or perfectly flexible to start your yoga sessions. Let these yoga blogs help you get on your mat as soon as possible.