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7 Negative Ways Positive Thinking Can Affect Your Life

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Today you can hear that positive thinking is a top priority for every person. Many sources state that this way of thinking helps to put an end to all problems. Sure, positive thinking works miracles, but if we dig a little bit deeper, we will find out that this medal has its dark side as well.

It has been scientifically proven optimism is an inevitable part of good health, but sometimes this mindset can lead people up the garden and be detrimental under certain circumstances. Read on to explore that even positive thinking can be dangerous.

1. You often close your eyes to the things you dislike

According to positive thinking theory any problem can be solved in the twinkling of an eye. You just need to change your attitude towards life and look at the challenge from a different angle. Frankly speaking, I don’t agree with this point of view.

Of course, if you start thinking like a philosopher, you will find the positive side of the situation, but humbleness and positive attitude towards the problem will not get the ball rolling. As a result, everything you have not done or accomplished earlier, you will have to handle later, but it will be painful to realize that the time was lost.

2. You put your health in jeopardy

While positive thinking has a favorable effect on people’s health, sometimes it makes people blind to many life important things. Many of them just become less cautious and less responsible, because thinking about risks and troubles is not their pair of shoes.

If you are fond of gorging yourself into unconsciousness at night, then neither positive thinking nor your frank desire to be healthy will save you from various diseases. No matter whether you are an optimist or pessimist, you should pay attention to your body’s signals and take preventive measures.

3. You don’t draw conclusions from difficult situations

A great number of positive people prefer not to over-think or analyze their words, actions and behaviors, because they find these activities boring, depressing and pointless. Furthermore, they do not criticize themselves, because self-criticism usually gives birth to unpleasant feelings and negative thoughts.

This automatically means that these people develop slower than the ones who are prone to self-analysis. Both optimists and pessimists should analyze their lives and learn new lessons for the sake of their development.

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4. You become excessively trustful and vulnerable

When you become unbelievably happy and positive, you automatically stop expecting dirty tricks from the people around. It is wonderful when you do not stuff your head with negative and sometimes even pointless thoughts, but your trustfulness and carelessness can play an Old Harry with you one day.

It is necessary to learn to be positive, but always on guard. Especially megapolis dwellers should realize that excessive positivity and loss of vigilance can cost them a great deal. You should try to reach the balance between vigilance and relaxation.

5. Positive thinkers often have no clear goals

Positive people usually do not spend sleepless nights thinking how to achieve a desirable result, because they wholeheartedly believe that all problems will resolve themselves eventually.

This kind of infantilism helps them stay away from anxiety, obsessive thoughts and depression, but it significantly slows down their development. They miss a lot of opportunities and just go with life as it unrolls. Positive thinking is a great thing, but it should not make your life meaningless and irresponsible.

6. You find it difficult to appreciate your skills adequately

Almost all positive people have an incredibly high self-esteem and believe that they are best of the best. They always act in a confident manner, because according to their philosophy of life, thinking that they are not professional or good enough is not good.

It is absolutely normal to be self-confident and believe in yourself, but positive thinking should not close your eyes to the reality. I think that it is better to get an independent expert’s estimate. Although it is unpleasant to accept constructive criticism, it is the only effective way to appreciate your skills and knowledge adequately.

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7. Positive thinking can drive you into depression

Many experts say that depression is the consequence of negative thinking. According to their points of view, depression will fade away as soon as we replace negative thoughts by positive ones. Positive thinking can help people overcome depression, if the root of the condition is negative thinking.

If your depression is triggered by various vitamin deficiencies or hormonal disbalance, then positive thinking will not solve the problem, but on the contrary it can intensify the depression.

Too much of a good thing can also have a negative influence on our well-being. It is better to be more positive than negative, but I hope you will reach a balance between optimism and pessimism. Do you agree that positive thinking can be harmful as well?