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7 Benefits of Being Socially Anxious Person

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

No matter how you slice it, many people are used to run away from their fears and problems, instead of making an attempt to look the trouble into the eye and realize that their weaknesses can be beneficial as well. I’d passed through the nine circles of hell trying to overcome chronic anxiety, but only acceptation and realization helped me calm down and gain control over my anxious nature. Don’t believe people who say that it’s necessary to tame the feeling of anxiety. I’ve tried a great number of anti-anxiety techniques and I can state with confidence that a war with an anxious mind is a very bad idea.

If anxiety has become your enemy, you should do your best to turn it into your friend and reassure your subconscious mind that this friendship is beneficial. If it’s hard to believe, then pay attention to modern statistics. Scientists have proved that many socially anxious people are incredibly intelligent, logical, and at the same time, empathetic personalities.

Most of them don’t feel happy, safe and confident, because they wholeheartedly believe that anxiety is a terrible disease that significantly limits their opportunities and spoils the quality of their lives. On the contrary, anxiety broadens their horizons and makes them more aware. Of course, it’s critical to consult your doctor if you suffer from severe chronic anxiety. But when trying to treat this disease, learn more about socially anxious people and you’ll understand that they’re unique and talented personalities.

1. Moral anxiety makes people better

Did you hear about moral anxiety? This is the feeling we usually experience when we’re confronted by a difficult moral choice. If you’re a good person, you’ll do your best to do what’s right and make a matter of conscience, but sometimes it’s very difficult to understand what’s really right and beneficial to everyone.

Psychologists say that anxious people usually treat the problem thoroughly, before they make a final decision. They start thinking about all possible options and try to weigh all pros and cons of their choices. But motivation and inspiration to do well aren’t the only benefits of moral anxiety. This type of anxiety proves that the bright side of your soul prevails over the negative one.

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve noticed that my moral anxiety doesn’t give me an opportunity to act amiss and unjustly in various life situations. I understand that today, being a moralist is an extremely challenging thing, but you shouldn’t try to suppress moral anxiety, because this powerful feeling makes you better.

2. A habit of rumination

Like all socially anxious personalities, I find it difficult to make confident steps without turning the situation over in my mind. Earlier I thought that rumination was a big psychological disorder. I made numerous attempts to wave goodbye to that psychological trap, but unfortunately, all those efforts were in vain. Frankly speaking, it seemed to me that it was easier to earn billion dollars than get rid of my habit of ruminating.

One day I decided to pay a visit to the church and ask the priest for a valuable advice. The conversation wasn’t long and exhausting. He just told me that a simple humility could solve my complicated problem. A few nights of self-reflection on his words helped me look at the problem of rumination from a different angle and realize that thinking was an essential part of my development that made my life more predictable, safer and easier.

While anxiety and rumination can have a negative influence on our health, there’s one little problem. In my opinion, rumination can have a detrimental effect only when it’s accompanied by fears. As soon as you eliminate the fear, you’ll stop focusing on the problem and significantly reduce the intensity of rumination.

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3. They’re unbelievably productive

As a person with chronic anxiety, I admit that I have never had problems with procrastination or avoidance, because my anxiety doesn’t let me forget about the things I have to accomplish. As a result, my inner anxiety exerts a big pressure on my conscience and urges me to tie up loose ends and do things ahead of time. Sometimes, I even can’t fall asleep, until I find favorable solutions to the issues that keep me on the trot and give birth to frightening thoughts. I know it’s bad, but it’s not the end of the world.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed a very interesting fact. I usually keep a cool head, react faster and more rationally in emergency and stressful situations, instead of falling into shock, like many other, at first glance, emotionally stable and morally strong people do. If you’re a socially anxious person, you should know that the productivity of your brain is very high, but it’s desirable not to go too far, because excessive physical and mental overloads can affect your overall health.

4. They’re often perfect analysts

Socially anxious people usually have good analytical skills. Every day and every minute, they analyze either themselves or the things happening around them. I think it’s not an inborn peculiarity, but the result of a chronic anxiety that serves as a defensive mechanism. It stimulates people to think and analyze for the sake of their safety and development.

When I have a hard game to play or solve some problem, I can’t shift my focus from the upcoming event to something else, until I analyze it in a proper way. Self-analyzing helps me dig much deeper and make the right choice, no matter how complicated the situation can be.

Anxious people should keep in mind that their analytical minds and the habit of rumination make them sharp-witted. Liars and swindlers often find it difficult to twist anxious personalities round their little finger, because their heads are screwed on the right way. Moreover, bosses think no end of socially anxious people with wonderful analytical skills, because such employees are very disciplined, creative and industrious.

5. They have a lot of friends

Socially anxious personalities are often surrounded by people, because they’re good interlocutors and sensitive friends. Their anxious nature makes them magnetic, empathetic and grateful. Surely, everyone dreams of having a friend who’ll never show indifference to their problems, but give a helping hand and emotional support if necessary.

Nowadays many people say that if you want to become highly successful, mentally strong and happy, you should close your eyes to other people’s troubles and negativity. As a socially anxious person, I don’t support this point of view, because it’s impossible to have true friends and maintain good relationships with your dearest and nearest if you just feed your ego, live your life and pay no attention to their problems. I usually take my friends’ troubles to heart and think how to help them find a solution, because indifference isn’t my pair of shoes. My diligence and anxiety sometimes cost me a great deal of time and effort, but I’m sure that my dearest and nearest love me and appreciate all the things I do for them.

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6. They rarely make the same mistakes

Today almost all people want to become prudent, logical, careful and wise, but not everyone can get a desirable result, because achieving these goals requires time, energy, perseverance and intelligence. Socially anxious people can extrapolate and take advantage of their past experiences. Unlike other people, they can do it with ease due to the influence of chronic anxiety on their minds. It activates inner psychological mechanisms to warn them against past mistakes.

As a result, they usually think twice and weigh all possible outcomes, before they do or say something. It helps them avoid getting into difficult and embarrassing situations, they already experienced in the past. The main thing isn’t to get fixated on dark and worst-case scenarios, but replace negative thoughts by positive and optimistic ones.

7. Anxious personalities are highly intuitive

Logical thought process isn’t the only thing that helps anxious people make right decisions. They often listen to their inner voices, if they hesitate and don’t know how to act in one or another situation. Psychologists say that these people rarely get into fatal accidents, because their intuition often gives them signs that something terrible is going to happen. Why do socially anxious people have better intuitive skills? Researchers state that socially anxious personalities have higher levels of consciousness than others and it gives them a chance to connect with their intuition.

If you want to make a positive change in your, at first glance, difficult and unhappy life, you should open your eyes and learn to see the good in the bad. As soon as you learn it, you’ll be able to turn your problem into advantage in the twinkling of an eye. Do you agree that chronic social anxiety can be beneficial at times? What other benefits of being socially anxious do you know? If you suffer from social anxiety, remember consulting doctor regularly is a must.