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No Worries: 4 Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

Ann Joy 6 months ago - in DIY, Lifestyle

To some, Halloween is like a month-long celebration, as they start planning, carefully choosing and enthusiastically creating something special well in advance. Others are not as excited about it as to invest a lot of time, money and effort in holiday decorations and costumes, and some are even skeptical. Many people are so busy that they have no other option but to look for something the very last moment, but there’s also no shortage of those who are not planning to do anything on Halloween until somebody (friends, roommates, neighbors) makes them change their mind. This usually happens shortly before Halloween night, so time is scarce, and you have to do something of the following:

1. Decorating the house

You don’t need to turn it into a haunted house or make it look like a camera crew is working on the next big horror movie there. If you want to add a mysterious touch to your everyday surroundings but don’t know where to start, get some yarn and also consider buying candles (chances are, you even have some already.) White or gray yarn (or even black – for a more dramatic effect) lets you quickly cover anything you wish in cobwebs and transform it instantly even if you don’t add any other decorations. Candlelight turns it into a drastically different fantasy world as if by magic. Both will delight kids and adults alike, while not requiring a lot of time or money. Preferably, just don’t put candles too close to the “cobwebs” or other decorations to avoid the risk of fire, which is a major Halloween safety issue.

The place that looks like the witches’ kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be the kitchen – it can be anywhere you wish, but if you have some old pots and pans, it’s definitely their time to step into the spotlight (or candlelight, to be precise.) Take some empty jars and bottles to fill them with something that looks scary or unappetizing – bloody red or sickly green, for example, which just requires mixing some paint and water, and drop in some objects that would look like secret ingredients for witchcraft (cotton balls, fabric, sponge or paper shreds, etc.)

If you’d rather not have anything around that isn’t edible or suitable for drinking, use tomato or berry juice and regular foodstuff in jars and bottles, but put misleading labels onto them. You can write something like “pickled grasshoppers” and stick it on a jar of pickled cucumbers, or use “bugs in syrup” for jam. This can spice up your table, kitchen counter or some shelves, making everybody smile while you don’t have to spend any time or money buying something special for Halloween.