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7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Cash Today

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Money

This world is divided into two kinds of people: those who pay for everything in cash and those who give preference to debit or credit cards. The first kind of people does not use bank cards because they fear to keep money in electronic form and mistakenly think that it can fade away from their cards one day.

It is better to get rid of fears and free the heart from distrust. We should realize that keeping money in the pocket is much more dangerous than using bank cards today because a modern world is full of hazards. Here is why you should stop using cash today.

1. There is a lot of violence in the streets

Some people feel more confident when the wallet is full of cash. But as soon as they enter a bad part of the city, their hearts start beating faster, because their minds give birth to the fears of getting into trouble and losing everything.

While cash money is pleasing to the eye, first of all, you should prioritize your health and safety. You should realize that cash money automatically makes you a target for criminals. If you don’t want to look over your shoulder every time you walk the streets, you should choose bank cards.

2. Loss of money can cause stress

One of the most painful things that can happen to a modern person is a loss of money, especially when it comes to large sums of cash. When you lose your cash, there is an extremely low probability that you will see it again. But when you lose the card, you don’t lose the money, because other people can’t withdraw funds from your electronic account thanks to a bank card security system. Plus, a bank card owner can block their card and put an end to a stressful situation with the help of one phone call.

3. Bank cards carry fewer illness-causing bacteria

Have you ever imagined how many times cash money is touched by both healthy and sick people? Every day billions of people pay for the services, exchange money, put it in dirty purses, pockets and so on.

It is difficult to notice, but at first glance, clean and new banknotes carry lots of deadly viruses and bacteria that can have a negative influence on your health. If you do not want to challenge your immune system, opt for a bank card. After all, it is much easier to clean and sanitize bank cards.

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4. Bank card owners have no problems with counterfeit money

If you have at least once received counterfeit money, then you know that it is a massive hassle. Almost every person, who deals with cash, can get fake money one day. Instead of analyzing large amounts of information and building skills on how to detect counterfeit banknotes, better draw a debit card in a bank and forget about this problem once and for all. Debit or credit card owners don’t deal with fake money because all financial transactions are affected through the bank.

5. It is hard to short-change a bank card owner

If math is not your strong point and you can’t count cash quickly, you can be short-changed by someone. In such a case, the best and the most effective way to protect yourself against possible financial damage is to reduce the use of cash by giving preference to payment cards. There will be no need to count the change after a purchase. The only thing you should do is check your card balance before shopping.

6. It is easier to control your expenses via apps and bank services

It is difficult to track your expenses if you prefer to use cash only. It requires a lot of time and effort to create expense lists and retain receipts or other records that can easily get lost one day, especially if you are a busy person.

The users of bank cards usually receive SMS notifications every time they buy something. SMS notification is not the only way that helps them control their balance and expenses. The owners of smartphones can do it via apps that serve as a personal accountant.

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7. It is not profitable

Every highly successful person knows that money must work, multiply and simplify the owner’s life. If you invest in real property or business, it is okay. But if you keep cash under the mattress, it is a big mistake. This way of keeping money can only give birth to anxiety, fear, and financial stagnation. When you keep money in electronic form, you earn more with the help of cash back rewards, signup, and other bonuses.

If you are still hesitating, then you should try using bank cards for at least one month. I am sure you will quickly get used to them and understand what is really beneficial today. Can you mention other reasons to wave goodbye to cash today?