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7 Things That Make Your Man Feel Embarrassed When You Are in His Bedroom

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

Men prefer to hide their feelings, suppress their emotions and behave as if they are not afraid of anything. They pretend that everything is under control because they want to look strong in the eyes of ladies. But it does not mean that their hearts are free of worries and inner conflicts.

Every man has an Achilles heel. Their minds usually start giving birth to embarrassment, obsessive thoughts, and anxiety when a woman crosses the threshold of their homes and enters their bedrooms. At first glance, it may sound strange, but a man’s bedroom is a mysterious place that keeps a lot of secrets. Here are the things that make him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when you enter his bedroom.

1. Messy room

If your boyfriend is neat and wears beautiful and stylish clothes, it does not mean his home is clean as well. Some men do not prioritize cleanliness at home because they are used to dominating the chaos. The guy does not pay considerable attention to this problem until a beautiful woman appears in his life and pays a visit to his castle. When the guy enters his bedroom with his girlfriend, he suddenly starts looking at the room through different eyes and realizes that the situation is really critical.

2. Dirty bed sheets

Every woman knows that it is best to change bed sheets every week. Some men do not follow this rule, though. They usually sleep in the bed until it starts to smell like a cage full of hamsters.

If one of your dates ends in his bedroom, he will certainly get embarrassed about this failure and start thinking about whether you will catch an unpleasant scent or not. The dirty bed linen can crash the date and put a wrinkle in the relationship. He realizes it.

3. Condoms in the nightstand

Women usually look at everything, ask a lot of questions and pay attention to even the smallest details, because we are extremely curious and observant personalities. Men fear that this positive quality can cause confusion if their ladies accidentally open the nightstand and notice the pack of condoms one day.

If the pack is open, they may start thinking that he has already used them with another girl. If it is untouched, she will come to a conclusion that he has carefully planned the date. Men usually do not know how to answer the questions dedicated to contraceptives correctly.

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4. Weird hobby

A pack of contraceptives is not the only provocative thing that a woman’s eye can notice in his bedroom. They often pay attention to the things that reveal a boyfriend’s personality and secrets of his lifestyle. One of such things is his hobby.

Men often turn color when someone enters their room and starts touching their airplane models or asking about the hobby, especially if it is quite strange and unusual. Try not to ask such questions when you are in his bedroom, because they kill passion and weaken sexual desire.

5. His body shape and appearance

If he has not visited the gym for a long while, he might worry about his body attractiveness, especially if your body shape is perfect. Modern men give enough attention to personal hygiene, get rid of unwanted hair, do physical exercises, because they want to look stylish, manly, confident and attractive. If he does not stick to these tendencies and standards of male beauty, he will feel some kind of embarrassment running through his veins while taking his shirt off.

6. Photo albums

Almost all women adore taking photos, looking through the pictures and plunging into the atmosphere of the past moments. Men like neither of these things and don’t like when someone takes their photo albums and starts looking at their childhood photos. If you enter his bedroom and notice a photo album, do not open it. He will find a suitable moment to show his photos to you one day.

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7. Crazy cohabitants

This world is full of, at first glance, self-sufficient and independent men, who actually do not have their own place. So, they usually rent an apartment with friends or someone else. While it is okay when his cohabitants are understanding personalities, but if not, then such a cohabitation can bring discomfort. If you are having a good time with your boyfriend in his bedroom and you see that he feels a bit nervous, there is a high probability that he is afraid of a sudden appearance of his cohabitant.

Now that you know about the embarrassing things that usually make even a strong man look worried when you are in his bedroom, are you going to do any of these things? What other embarrassing things do make your boyfriend feel embarrassed when you are in his room?