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7 Benefits of Strict Parenting That Make Your Life Better

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Family

Nowadays, many young people think that they were not parented properly. They wholeheartedly believe that their personality problems, insecurities, fears and inner conflicts are nothing else, but the consequences of strict parenting. Although there is some truth in that, it would be a mistake to assume that strict upbringing is as terrible, dangerous and useless.

I am not telling that raising and controlling children with the iron fist is good and acceptable. But I do not want you to blame your parents for their strict parenting style since there are some benefits of it for you and many other people raised by authoritarian parents to understand that they are unique, free and strong.

1. You are surrounded by intelligent and decent people

If you came from a very formal family, then it automatically means that you have a high-quality education. The circle of contacts of people who graduate from a respected university or college usually consists of young, intelligent and well-brought up personalities who know what they want and do their best to achieve success through their own efforts.

There is a high probability that lazybones and other negative people will never become a part of your social circle because you do not find it interesting or appropriate to communicate and cooperate with the ones who do not correspond to your level of development.

2. You are a good judge of character

Strict parents usually lecture and prohibit their children to make friends and hang out with some of the kids, because for one reason or another, they find this communication dangerous. They put together a file on all, at first glance, iffy friends and teach their kids to catch the difference between positive and negative people.

I understand you have had a really rough go of it because it was difficult to go against your nature or communicate in secret with your friends. But your parents’ prohibitions taught you a lot about people and also made a big contribution to the development of your sensitivity, intuition, and inner voice.

3. You can take care of yourself

Even though you have already tried smoking and wine-drinking in protest, deep down you know that it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. You think of your status, maintain healthy habits and take an active part in your own well-being thanks to the high level of self-discipline and self-organization, instilled in you by your strict parents.

Unlike some of your peers who prefer to hang out at smoky bars and drink, you give preference to jogging, healthy drinks, and cultural activities. It means that you are both physically and mentally stronger than those who can’t resist temptations.

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4. Responsibility is your strong point

If you are a big brother or sister and your parents used to get you to keep an eye on your siblings, then it automatically means that you have a strong sense of responsibility. You were taught to follow the schedule, do everything on time and take your responsibilities seriously.

Surely, strict parenting is the thing that spoils the quality of childhood, but in most cases, it helps the child become a responsible and conscientious person that can be trusted. Now you have big chances to get a lucrative job and become the one in charge in a quite short period of time.

5. You have perfect skills of persuasion

We all understand that playing roles and telling lies are considered unacceptable, but if we soberly look at the situation, we will understand that it is almost impossible for a very honest and obedient child to retain their distinct identity.

If you were raised by really strict parents, you are good at lying and withholding evidence. When you were a child, you had to look into your parents’ eyes and lie convincingly in order to avoid the punishment. If you got away with it for so long, it meant that you had had a unique gift of persuasion.

6. Others are jealous of your iron will

One more benefit of strict parenting that boosts your self-confidence and shows you that you are on the right track is the others’ admiration of your iron will, success and consistency.

It is an amazing feeling when people admire you and acknowledge your superiority. Sometimes it even gives you the power to overcome difficulties and inspires you to work in that same spirit. It was difficult to develop strong will power, but strict parenting helped you to reach that goal faster than the others.

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7. You will always be fine

They say children raised up in strict families will certainly take the wrong path and fail to take control of their lives in future because they were significantly limited in their actions in childhood. They believe that only the kids who have made a fair share of mistakes will find their place under the sun.

Actually, that is not true. You have faced the harsh realities of life and got a lot of bumps along your way as well. But your parents and other people still do not know about it, because you are used to carry your secrets to yourself. Whatever happens, you will always be okay, because you are a responsible, strong-willed and hard-working person.

Sometimes I wished I was born in a family where there were no rules and responsibilities. What other benefits of strict parenting can make the future life of a child better?