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9 Things Girls Who Were Raised By Strict Parents Can Understand

Catalina 6 months ago - in Family, Lifestyle

If you were raised by strict parents, you have an absolutely different worldview. You have different habits. You have perfectionistic thinking patterns. You follow rules and rarely step out of your comfort zone. You were taught to live a correct lifestyle and you believe your lifestyle is the best one. You have a tendency to avoid light-headed people and you literally hate them. Whether you really hate or just envy them, it doesn’t actually matter.

Alas, you can’t choose parents so you have to love and respect them no matter how strict they are. Your parents are your guardians and hating them is a huge sin. Many girls blame their strict parents for their failures, unusual upbringing and limited childhood and teen years. Stop blaming. Who knows, maybe you’ll be a strict parent too. Here’s the list of the things that only girls who were raised by strict parents can understand.

1. No cross, no crown

You always had to study well, read a lot, and play less. You were taught that success doesn’t come easily. You spent all days and evenings mastering different skills and learning those foreign languages your parents didn’t have an opportunity to learn when they were students. You had no right to contradict your parents because the consequences were pitiful. Even though you had hard times coping with your parents, now you are probably successful and intelligent because you know – no cross, no crown. So be grateful to them for teaching you this lesson.

2. You were always the first to leave a party

Partying all night long was your dream only, because you knew you had to be at home at 10 pm sharp (or even earlier.) You didn’t suffer from a hangover. You didn’t have any problems with alcohol, drugs and police. You might feel ashamed of it, but look at those friends who had more freedom and spent every night in the bars hanging out and getting drunk. Some have bastard children – it’s actually not bad. Some have problems with law or drugs. Others have no diploma, no job and no life goals. Of course, it’s not okay to skip all the parties, but being always the first to leave a party isn’t the end of the world.

3. You knew ‘no’ is true ‘no’

When your parents said no, you knew that asking a second permission for a sleepover at your best friend’s house was just a waste of time and nerves. ‘No’ was and is your parents’ favorite word and you rarely heard ‘yes.’ When you had to ask for something, you had to spend two days preparing mentally and thinking of every word you’d say so that you could hear that desirable ‘yes, you can.’ Plus, you didn’t utter a word when they were in a bad mood. It’s hard, but now you at least know a true meaning of ‘no.’

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4. You hid your boyfriend

You couldn’t just come home and said, ‘mom and dad, I have a boyfriend now’ because you knew it was a real disaster for them. Strict parents are actually funny, because they want their children to be happy and have kids but they don’t allow them to date and marry anyone.

5. You couldn’t express your own opinions

When your parents said something, you never even tried to express your own opinion. They didn’t listen to you and you knew that. You didn’t raise your voice in defense of yourself and didn’t even think of slamming the door of your room or running away from home. Rebellionism wasn’t your thing.

6. You had to lie every other day

Numerous statistics show that people who were raised by strict parents are big liars. Lying is their childhood habit. You lied about literally everything because you knew that if you told the truth, your parents would either shut you at home or lecture you for hours. You had to survive because like others you wanted to party and date a hot guy. Perhaps you still lie to your parents. Strict parents are always strict so you never feel relaxed.

7. You didn’t curse

I bet you knew and know tons of swear words but you just don’t use them. You were taught that cursing is a habit of bad-mannered, rude people and it’s actually true. Your parents are right. Whether you are a woman or a man, never ever curse. Swearing breeds negativity and mischief. Strict parents want their kids to have good speaking skills so they set an example and do anything possible to cut swear words out of the family life.

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8. You couldn’t get dressed without their approval

Every time you wanted to buy new jeans or boots, your mom or dad went shopping with you. That dress was too short, those jeans were too skinny, and that leather jacket was disgusting. When you live with strict parents, this war over your dressing styles never ends.

9. You never discussed your love life

This topic was a taboo in your family. You still can’t discuss your boyfriend drama with your mom. You didn’t know many things about ‘adult life’ and you kept silent when others talked about kisses and sex. You didn’t know how to tell your mom about your crush and your first date so you had to lie and tell that you’re going to take a stroll in the park with your best friend.

There are many things that people who were raised by ‘kind’ parents can’t understand. In fact, having strict parents has its own benefits. Plenty of benefits. Researches prove that girls who were raised by strict parents are more independent, stronger, happier and more successful. Plus, they don’t have many partners so they settle down really fast. Do you have strict parents? Did you ever wish you had another mom and dad?