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8 Things That Make Fall The Best Season

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Fall comes with the beginning of new school year, temperature changes, seasonal depression and surprisingly cozy things we all enjoy doing during the fall season only. Most of us don’t admit it. Others take this enchanting season for granted and all they do is moan about cold weather and holiday season spendings. Why do people stop noticing those beautiful things nature gives us? I don’t want to remind you of how essential a positive mindset is (you already know it and probably are tired of reading it again and again.) What I want is to enjoy the fall season to the fullest. Enjoy every change. Every unusual foliage. Comfortable food. Harvest season. Halloween. But it’s so hard to do when everyone around keeps hating the fall season. I want to inspire as many people around the world as possible to pay closer attention to this wonderful season of the year and fall in love with it for good. Here’s my list of the things that make fall the best season of the year.

1. Oversized fall sweaters and super long scarves

Dressing in layers isn’t as bad as you think. Yes, summer dresses and shorts are light and comfortable. But think again. What can be more comfortable than an oversized fall sweater? Long scarves? Or, cute boots? Oversized fall sweaters are so bright, cozy and fashionable that it’s hard to think the otherwise. Just stop complaining. Once you break this habit, you will love the fall season for the rest of your life.

2. Breathtaking color scheme

The winter season is all about black, brown and white. The spring and summer seasons are all about green. And only the fall season has amazing color scheme. The fall colors are varied, bright, pleasing, cheerful and winsome. Walking in the park or camping in the forest during the fall season is such a big pleasure. If you focus on the color scheme of fall leaves, you will instantly forget about your worries, problems and chores. You will realize how beautiful this season is. There will be no place for fall depression in your life.

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3. Favorite TV shows

The fall season is the season of the return of favorite TV shows as well as new premieres. The summer season isn’t the best season for TV junkies, because there’s nothing new to watch. From the Originals to Reign, this fall season promises fantastic premieres. I can’t wait to watch new episodes of Vampire Diaries and the Originals, and you?

4. Hot cocoa or tea

Wrapping your hands around a warm cup of hot cocoa or lemon tea is one of the biggest pleasures the fall season offers. Drinking hot tea or chocolate during the summer season is weird, though there’s always an exception. Drinking a warm cup of your favorite beverage when it’s cold or raining outside, though, is a dream come true.

5. The fireplace time

Curling up next to your fireplace with your significant other or some interesting book is one of the best fall activities. Although we all do it in winter, why should we wait another three months? Grab your tea and spend quality me or couple time. You will see that the fall is actually a romantic and cozy season.

6. Fun fall activities

The fall season is well known for its rainy days. However there are some bright sunny days that allow you to enjoy the funniest fall activities with people you love. Jumping in piles of leaves, exploring pumpkin patches and corn mazes, picking apples, and backyard camping are just some of the most popular fall activities. When you are busy, you don’t have time for seasonal depression.

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7. Halloween

I hope I don’t need to explain how wonderful this holiday is. Scary parties, gross-looking food and drinks, spooky and kitschy costumes, Jack-o-lanterns and haunting houses make Halloween one of the most favorite holidays of the year. Everyone celebrates it in their own way but we should admit that we can enjoy this holiday in October only.

8. The cool crisp air in the mornings

After the hot, humid summer days, the cool crisp air is a real blessing. There’s something refreshing and relaxing about the crisp air in the morning. Your walks to work becomes happier and you feel much alert and refreshed when you reach the office. The crisp air in the morning has some hidden benefits. It can help you clear your mind, refresh your soul and boost your productivity. Plus, your morning workouts aren’t sweaty anymore.

There are many things that make the fall season the best season for many people. We can add Thanksgiving, romantic dates, colorful getaways and bright bonfires to this list too. Every season boasts a great number of fascinating and unique things. The fall season is no exception. What do you love most about the fall season? Share your most inspiring thoughts with us please.