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11 Celebs Who Have Jumped on the Pokemon Go Bandwagon

Rebecca Brown 6 months ago - in Entertainment

So far, the Pokemon Go craze has had quite a few surprising effects. From the discovery of a dead body to a boost in worldwide mental health, it seems like the past month has provided us with a unique and varied window into what this game might mean to us. Animal shelters have even started to use the app for their benefit!

It’s a wild, wild world out there lately. It seems like everyone is addicted to this augmented reality game. No one is immune, even celebs. Our favorite singers and actors have picked up the game and are right there with us in the addiction. You won’t believe who has it now.

Photo: nydailynews.com

1. Wiz Khalifa

Photo: Zawezome

The rapper tweeted most recently about bringing his dogs to the beach for a Pokemon-related adventure but has been keeping his fans updated about his adventures since the app first launched in the U.S. Some fans have even taken to the streets to find and capture Pokemon at the same spots he’s been posting about. But his fans didn’t stop there.

Star shared this fan rendition of himself as a trainer for everyone to see. Most famously, on July 11, he tweeted, “I’m having so much fun,” followed by the wise, wise, words, “I know about the privacy issues wit Pokemon but f–k man. N—a gotta catch em all.” If anyone can show us how to let loose and have fun with this app, it’s this man.