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3 Unique DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Ann Joy 6 months ago - in DIY, Family

Collage-Style Storage Box

Have you ever loved the cover of a magazine, or the photos in it so much that you wanted to buy the magazine at once? Perhaps these landscapes, flowers or fashion things were so beautiful you’d love to frame them and hang them on the wall, but you didn’t want to make holes in the walls, or to mix magazine clippings with family pictures? Now you know where they can go instead of gathering dust on the shelf while you are reluctant to throw out that magazine or flower catalogue.

All you need is a shoebox, and a glue stick that can be easily found at any supermarket. A glue stick works better for this than any liquid glue, because it doesn’t make the paper bulge (unless you apply too much and have blobs all over), and it doesn’t take forever for the box to dry after you have decorated it. Simple and fast!

Too bad that glue stick often doesn’t work well near the corners, so if you see a corner of your beautiful picture turn up, you can use some liquid glue on that spot and the pressure of your fingers to secure it in place. There may be fancier ways of decorating boxes – with fabric, for example, or using decoupage techniques, but being complicated and time-consuming often takes out the fun, especially for the kids.

Collage technique is the fastest and easiest way to decorate a box which can nicely swallow up some of your stuff that is scattered around – without being an eyesore, whether you place it in the closet or on an open shelf. Since you create a unique design for it, it can make a simple but special gift. You can also decorate the inside of the box if you wish.