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What Would You Do If You Became a Millionaire?

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Money

No matter who you are and what your job is, you definitely want to have a huge bank account because, as we all know, money is an irreplaceable part of a modern human`s comfortable living. Of course, money doesn`t define your happiness, but anyway, being rich means having less problems and feeling better. However, have you thought about what would you do if you suddenly became a millionaire? Managing really big sums is actually not as easy as it may seem and most lottery winners soon become poor just because they don`t know what to do with big money. Here you have some tips on what to do if you become rich…

1. Make reasonable investments

Having lots of money now doesn`t mean that you`ll have them forever. Money is limited so if you don`t want to lose everything in a short term, the first thing to do when you get a huge budget is to make some reasonable investments. While you spend some money, you`ll also get them back thanks to those investments. The best investment is real estate. You just buy a few houses and rent them out. You’ll have a monthly income while doing nothing. Isn`t that what you really want?

2. Buy an apartment of your dream

You probably dream to have a better apartment than your current one. People usually start wasting money desperately as soon as they get them. One of the first things to do when you become rich is to buy your dream house. It`ll be the place where you spend the most of your time so take care to do this highly important purchase before you run out of money. I hope it wouldn`t happen but life is unpredictable so if you suddenly find yourself poor, either way, you have a cozy place to live in.

3. Help your family

I think it doesn`t need an explanation at all. You have a lovely family – people who`re always ready to help you so why not help them in return, especially when you don`t need to think about how to get money anymore? You know your parents` dreams and wishes so make them come true if you have such a chance. Become a grateful child and a caring sibling by providing your family with a strong financial support.

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4. Help poor people

Well, you`re a millionaire and there`s nothing to worry about anymore but it doesn`t mean you should forget the time when you had to work hard to earn a few dollars for living. The world is still full of poor people who suffer from hunger and some of them even have no place to live. Remember about it and try to help them because now you can do that without any problems. Do charity or just buy some food to feed poor people and stray animals. Actually, now you have almost unlimited possibilities so you can find those who need you and help them yourself. You`ll feel their gratitude with all your heart if you try to make their life better at least once.

5. Don’t let others take advantage of you

As soon as you become rich, your surrounding changes and it shouldn`t be a surprise. However, you don`t know those new people well. Be careful not to let them take advantage of your wallet. They may seem to be even richer than you but you still don`t know where they get money. It may be their skill to take advantage of naive people and, no doubt, you don`t want to be one of them. Give money to those individuals who deserve it.

6. Don’t treat money too seriously

Money is only paper and if you have lots of it, you still shouldn`t treat it like the most valuable thing in life. Spend it, earn it, give it but never let it rule you and your mind. Love, health and spirit are something you can`t buy so better pay more attention to this aspects of life and don`t think about money like your only goal. Don`t try to show that you`re better than others with your big budget. It`ll make you even worse in people`s eyes and you`ll regret about it later. Let money be your tool but not your goal.

7. Travel

Traveling is probably the most exciting thing we can do in life. If you become a millionaire, you have all chances to travel all over the globe. Choose the most comfortable transport and the place you`ve ever wanted to visit. Call your friends or family and take an awesome trip to an exotic country of your dream. Settle in a luxury hotel, taste exotic food and enjoy the bright side of life with people you love. It`s definitely worth the money you`ll spend!

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8. Become a better person

When you have to earn money to survive, there`s not enough time for self-development because your job becomes your life. Now, you don`t have to work like a horse so you can strive to become more intelligent, healthy and experienced person. Meet wise people, read more books, exercise and stick to a healthy diet. Money also allows you to get everything for your hobby. If you have no hobby, now there`s a wide range to choose from. Like watching movies? Become a movie-maker! Are you a music junkie? Become a music producer, a musician or a singer! The whole world is yours so don`t waste your time buying unnecessary things only.

Try to become better if you suddenly become a millionaire. There`s no need to waste it at once. It`s better to make needed reasonable investments to provide yourself with a regular income and think what you can do to become more useful for the world and people. Make your dreams come true but don`t forget about others as well. People should help each other to live in peace and love. However, don`t be naive and help only those who really deserve it. Enjoy your life and cause more smiles! What would you do in the first half an hour after if you became a millionaire?