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10 Amazing Medium Length Hairstyles

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

If you have medium length hair, you know how hard it can be to find just the right hairstyle. They are either for short hair or long hair with definitely not enough in between. But here are some great ways you can keep your hair looking great no matter what your plans are for the evening. It is going to be all about trying to make yourself look good for a night in or a night out and definitely made to work for your style at the same time.

1. The double braid

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A cute messy bun is not always easy to pull off, but this one is going to give you the look of ‘I just woke up’ mixed with a little bit of a cute influence from the braids. The best part is this is a super easy updo to create; all you need is your hair and a couple of rubber bands.

2. The one sided braid

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Just add a braid to your hair when it’s straight and you’ll get a look that’s classically bohemian and cute for a day just hanging out with your friends or even by the pool. This look is easy too since you absolutely know how to braid, right?

3. High ponytail updo

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Who says a ponytail needs to be a tomboy thing? It is actually something super cute that you can do when you are trying to pull off a more elegant look. With just a little volume and some curling, your high ponytail is ready for a special event.

4. Half up half down

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This little bit of wrap gives your hair an innocent almost childlike look, but in a good way. This is a throwback but it is going to make you look great in anything from jeans and a t-shirt to an evening gown, since it is incredibly versatile.

5. Curls

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Curls can make everything look better, and with just the right amount of wave you will look like a beach girl or a surfer girl. Who doesn’t love that style? You will be ready for an elegant occasion, but if you feel like dressing it down, you will not look too out of place either.

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6. Messy hair

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The messy look is one that is coming back in style, and this one is great. You do not even need to spend a lot of time on your hair to get the style, and it is going to be cute enough that you will want to wear it every day (and why not?)

7. Perfectly straight hair

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Perfectly straight is another great look for a lot of women with medium hair. It is a simple look to achieve (especially if your hair is not naturally too curly), and it is going to give you a bit of polish and elegance that is perfect for any occasion.

8. Vintage hairstyle

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This vintage look is completely timeless. The mix of a little volume and some elegant curls is going to make you look just like the belle of the ball. Because it is vintage, though, it does not only have to be your go-to look for special occasions, but for the everyday look as well.

9. The layered style

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If you have plenty of layers, this hairstyle is going to give you just the right amount of volume without going completely overboard. No matter what style of hair you have you will look even better with some layers, and then you can decide to style it or leave it alone.

10. Highlights and lowlights

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Highlights and lowlights are a great part of your hairstyle as well. They give you a little bit of variety in your color, which a lot of us just do not have on our own. Who doesn’t want hair that looks like a thing of beauty instead of just being one flat color? This is a great look no matter what your plans.

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Putting together your favorite look and the perfect look for your day is definitely not as difficult as you might think. There are so many options out there that you will find endless choices. You can combine different ideas to create a gorgeous look with highlights and updos, or layers and curls. Feel free to experiment with your hair and share your favorite hairstyle ideas with us.