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10 Android Games to Kill Time

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Even the busiest people in the world sometimes need a game to kill either time or boredom. With a great variety of games, it is hard to make a decision though. I have tried and tested tons of Android games and can surely say which one in the best and the worst. My list of Android games is perfect for everyone since it contains games for different tastes and preferences.

1. Paper Toss 2.0

When your stress or anxiety level hits its highest point, you need something that will help you blow off steam. Paper Toss is the right game for it. Not only will you toss paper balls, you will also have access to flaming paper balls, tomatoes, bananas, and grenades. Are you ready to hit that annoying coworker?

2. Stick Cricket

Whether you are a cricket fan or you have never heard of this game, Stick Cricket will help you kill time and boredom at the same time. No special skills required. All you have to do is hit right or hit left. You can build your own team or hire a coach. That is it!

3. Fishdom: Deep Dive

Explore a spectacular underwater world with 3D fish that have their own personality and play tons of fun and challenging match-3 levels. Although Fishdom: Deep Dive seems to be a game for children, adults can enjoy it too. Who doesn’t want to be a child again?

4. Mandala Coloring Pages

With so many amazing therapeutic benefits of coloring books for adults, it is time to think of getting one. But instead of spending money on a coloring book, you can get a free version and have it handy every time stress prevents you from thinking clearly. Give Mandala Coloring Pages a try and see your stress melt away.

5. Fleeing Sheep

Fleeing Sheep is one of the newest Android games that definitely worth a try. When I downloaded this game (I had a really tough day) I though I would tackle this simple game in a matter of a few minutes. But I ended up playing it for hours and still fail to save my lamb’s life. My niece is trying to help me but we both have trouble winning the game. Don’t believe? Well, try and see yourself.

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6. Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze

Help Jerry get as many pieces of cheese as possible. Be wary of Tom and his friends who will try to prevent you from reaching cheese. The puzzling traps will make you think harder, thus training your brain and improving its work. Most of us have childhood memories related to Tom and Jerry, the game will remind you of those carefree times.

7. Hay Day

I did not hear anything about Hay Day until my niece gave me her tablet and asked to help her with farming, selling and upgrading. This is so fun, interesting and captivating that you feel like you are somewhere in the European countryside. The game requires a high level of responsibily.

8. Mahjong

If you like a computer version of Mahjong, the mobile one will astonish you too. The rules are the same. If you are an advanced player, you have a very limited time to find your Tiles, so practice till you tackle all the tasks.

9. 100 Doors World Of History

If you are a puzzle game junkie, 100 Doors World Of History will tickle your brains. Once you open the first door, you will go to the second level, and so on. The graphics will astonish you. The game is totally free.

10. Word Search

Challenge yourself with Word Search. The game features 7 categories, 3 levels, 2 methods of self-generation, 2 game modes, and is available in 6 languages, including English, Catalan, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

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Angry Birds is not the only game to turn to when you feel bored or blue. Give your brain some exercise and boost your mood instantly by playing one of these games. They are all free, albeit some have in-all purchases. What game would you like to try first?