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10 Awesome Hairstyles for Long Hair

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Long hair will never go out of style, albeit it is not so easy to take care of it. Long, beautiful, and healthy tresses make every girl feel confident and gorgeous without splurging on expensive clothing and jewelry. If you are a proud owner of beautifully long hair, check out these awesome hairstyle ideas.

1. Sweet Chignon

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The Sweet Chignon hairstyle is quick to do, and it is perfect for any occasion. You can never go wrong with such a stylish look. This hairstyle works on all most all hair types so give it a try. Part dry hair to a side of your choice. Use shine hairspray to make your hair look luxurious. Brush your hair back into a lower centered ponytail and secure it with a rubber band or an elastic.

Take the bottom piece to create a ponytail. Spray and carefully smooth it and wrap around the elastic and securely pin under the ponytail. Wrap the length of ponytail around 2 or 3 fingers and alter the shape. Finally pin it to the base of the ponytail, fan out to preferred shape and secure with pins.

2. Copper Curls

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Getting a proper messy look is definitely a work of art and the copper curl hairstyle is just the right art for that look. Make sure your hair is dry and apply heat protectant. Use a curling rod to curl the hair. Brush through the curls with your hands. Differentiate and piece together the hair for the desired appearance. Use a defining cream for extra shine.

3. Gentle Waves

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Gentle waves are sweet and sophisticated. It is a versatile style that can be worn by anyone either in the office or at the evening party. Apply heat protectant and styling gel to your damp hair. Blow dry the hair with a rounded brush to achieve smoothness.

Part your hair into long pieces starting at the hair line. From the bottom curl all the sections going back thought the head. Apply shine spray to your hands and break up the curls smoothly pulling the curls down.

4. Pastel Crimp

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If fun and colorful are the words that describes your personality, then pastel trends are a great way to express yourself. This hairstyle is reminiscent of past decades but still adds interest and style to long locks and it is very easy to achieve.

Brush the hair and smooth any tangles. Create 1 inch wide sections and apply hairspray. Starting from the top section, press the hair in the crimp and hold for 5 seconds. Continue doing this down the strand. Do it with each section.

5. Braided Maiden

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Well, braids are still a hot trend and braided hairstyles are some of the most beautiful hairstyles to do at home. With just a little time and effort, you will look like a bride. First, apply light styling cream all over dry hair. Part your hair.

Start a French braid near the base of the part and move around the hairline to the other side of the ear. If the hair is still long, braid the rest away from the head. Tuck the end of the braid into the braid and secure with pins. Finally, cautiously tug and loosen up the braid for a soft finish.

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6. Soft Layers and Bang

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This a simple, smooth layered hairstyle paired with deep side swept bang. Toss a large rounded brush in a smoothing cream. Use the brush to blow the hair out. Touch up random wavy or curly hairs. Apply the finishing hair spray to fix it.

7. Long Golden Locks

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If you have a long, gorgeous, warm golden blonde hair, it is a crime to hide it in a ponytail. Show off your hair by creating loose wavy curls. Apply shine and styling crème to dry hair. Blow the hair out using a large rounded brush. Create loosen locks and apply the finishing hair spray.

8. Vava Voom

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Is your hair super long? Then Vava-Voom is just the right hairstyle for you. It is an amazing look for girls who are not afraid of classic glamour and mega volume. Apply root boost product and volumizing foam to damp hair. Mist with heat protectant. Blow dry the hair with a round brush in horizontal sections. Section the dry hair into 2 parts. From the bottom up, spray the hair with working hairspray.

Curl the sections horizontally using a curling rod and set each section with a pin. Continue curling the hair and setting all the hair. Allow the last section to cool, remove all the pins and shake out the hair. Finally, finish with a shine spray to break up the curls and shape it into place. You can make loose locks as well.

9. Silky Smooth

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Long shiny, healthy hair is always in style. The best thing is that you can create the hairstyle in a matter of a few minutes. All you need is a flat iron and hair spray.

10. Deep Side Part

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Let your hair down and go a little crazy with a deep part, imperfect curls and some rough texture. Dark color shows this style extremely well. Toss the ends of straight hair around a curling rod. Create imperfect curls and apply the finishing hairspray.

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Even though long locks seem like it is high maintenance, you can cope with it with these simple hairstyles. They are perfect for any occasion – be it a party or a business meeting. What is your choice?