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7 Surprising Times When Look the Most Beautiful

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Spend hours in front of the mirror doing and redoing your makeup and hair, and you won’t look as beautiful as you look during these seven times. Even though people greet us according to our clothes, our habits and face expressions play a crucial role in how we look. You probably know some rich people who spend a fortune on clothes, shoes, jewelry pieces and beauty products but look so ridiculous, silly and miserable that you don’t have any desire to even talk to them. Money doesn’t make us look fabulous. Being yourself is all you need to impress everyone with your beauty. Check out a list of the most surprising times when look the most awesome without realizing it.

1. When you don’t try to look perfect

Many celebs go makeup-free when shopping. Can you say they look disgusting? Of course, no. All those messy hairstyles and the au naturel looks… we simply adore them! You look the most beautiful when you stop trying to look perfect. It’s okay to work on your face and hair for special events. But don’t touch it when hanging out with friends or grocery shopping.

2. When you smile with your eyes

When you are sincerely smiling or laughing, nothing is as beautiful as an authentic sparkle in your eyes. Your face is shining with happiness and no one will say that you are not beautiful. Cultivate your positive thinking to get into a habit of smiling more often. Just like Roald Dahl said, ‘If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.’

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3. Every time you take a bath

Not only do you feel clean and relaxed after a shower or a bath, you also look amazingly beautiful. Love your body and take care of it before going to bed to wake up feeling great and fresh. If you have time in the morning, take a cold or tepid shower to wake up faster and enhance your natural beauty.

4. When you wake up in the morning

Every morning, once you wake up and take your head off your pillow, look at yourself in the mirror. You look so beautiful! Smile at yourself and say it out aloud! Don’t worry about your messy hair, sleepy eyes and those little breakouts. All those things make you even more beautiful. No wonder, men enjoy looking at women in the morning.

5. When you radiate confidence

When I wrote the word ‘confidence,’ I didn’t mean that ‘fake it till you make it.’ You can’t look beautiful when you are faking your smile and confidence. It’s obvious. When you feel confident wherever you go and whatever you dress, you look absolutely gorgeous. If you have a great self-confidence, nothing else matters.

6. When you’re passionate about something and don’t lie

When you are talking about your favorite hobby or a job you love, you look awesome as well. You look happy, enthusiastic and exciting because you don’t have to lie. Liars never look wonderful – they always have to remember what they say and think of what to say next. Never feel ashamed of your hobbies. Talk about them as often as you can to show everyone how beautiful you are.

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7. When you don’t pretend

When you are who you are, you can’t look ugly. I’ve seen many girls with shocking flaws, but I can’t say they are not beautiful. Yes, they don’t look pretty, but their inner beauty is what makes them awesome. They accept their flaws and don’t dwell on them. They simply love themselves, and others love them too. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Be yourself and you’ll look beautiful wherever you go.

There are many times when you look awesome, but these are the most overlooked ones. The outer beauty doesn’t matter at all. Many beautiful people look totally ugly because they lie, pretend, and have fake personalities. Don’t be one of them. You are fabulous the way you are. I believe in it and you should too. When do you feel and look the most beautiful? Share your secret feelings with us.