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5 Great Reasons to Have an Office Spouse

Catalina 6 months ago - in Career

Our jobs take up so much of our time that we start looking for an office spouse to feel secure and comfortable physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s not about love, sex and any affairs. Women rarely think of having an office husband, while men do everything possible to find a work wife as soon as possible. I don’t like to say it, but modern women are much stronger than men, though not all of them.

Why do we need office spouses? The reasons are absolutely different. Both married and single people start looking for office spouses in order to find a support and an understanding. Your partner may not be interested in your work issues and gossips, while your office husband can support you no matter what, because he knows the situation and truly understands you. Check out some of the best reasons to have an office spouse.

1. You have a wingman

When you have plenty of tasks to accomplish, your office spouse is always here to help you. He won’t leave you. He’ll make sure you do every important task together and only then he will go home. During a holiday party or a happy hour, you have someone close to you. You relax and enjoy the party without worrying who will take you home if you’ll take more shots.

2. You can talk about work without going into details

You don’t have to spend an hour explaining why your boss was angry today or why your coworker doesn’t like you. Even if you do spend that hour, your partner or friend won’t understand you. They will sympathize you, and express their opinions, but they don’t know the whole story. Obviously, they’ll support you. An office husband, though, will tell you what they think and who’s right. If he tells you that you did a poor job today (no wonder your boss was angry), you realize that you have to work harder. Your office spouse knows the whole story so he can give you a truly valuable advice.

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3. You have a true friend

Surviving your 9-5 isn’t that easy when you don’t have any friends. Even though you go to work to actually work, let’s be honest, we all need at least one good friend in the workplace. I’m not talking about those girls who can’t stop gossiping every time they see you. An office spouse is a true friend that always motivates you to work better when you don’t feel like working, boosts your mood when you feel sad and simply make those working hours happy.

4. You don’t skip your lunch break

When you have an office spouse, you never go hungry. If your husband doesn’t care what you eat or do during your lunch, your office husband does care because he sees you and knows what you need right now. He doesn’t let you work during the break, and makes sure you eat your healthy snack. Maybe he’ll cook something for you or you for him. Let’s say, it’s a little office family.

5. You have a strong support

Whether you are late for work or you can’t manage to meet your deadline, your office spouse will help you or cover you when needed. You know you can trust him with everything and rely on him in a difficult situation. If you have a fight with some of your coworkers, your office spouse supports and protects you, like your dad or husband. Having a strong support is crucial in a modern world.

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If you already have an office hubby, appreciate him and don’t betray him. Of course, it’s hard to explain this type of relationship to your partner, but try to do it. Tell him that your relationship is limited to the workplace only. There are no hugs, kisses and sex. It’s just a bit more than a great friendship. I don’t think having an office spouse is a must, but still there are many benefits of this relationship. What do you think? Do you believe in an office marriage, which is actually no more than a simple friendship? Feel free to share your thoughts, please.