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7 Misconceptions That Keep You Stuck in Life

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Every day people learn new life lessons, share experiences, get rid of old habits and form new ones for the sake of development, success, and prosperity. They get over themselves, surmount various barriers, and suppress desires, but unfortunately, they cannot achieve desired goals.

It does not mean these people are inborn losers, and they will never find their place under the sun. This is because the human mind is overfilled with numerous misconceptions about life. Here are seven misconceptions that might be keeping you from making a change.

1. You set big hopes on heaven

Many people wholeheartedly believe either in God or other higher powers. Pure and strong faith is a wonderful thing that works miracles, heals hearts and increases people’s resistance to the harsh reality.

Modern life is full of miracles, but it is not a fairy tale where abundance and happiness easily flow into your arms. If you are just lying on the sofa and praying for success, there is a low probability that you will get what you want, because progress and success require persistent efforts and sacrifice.

2. Knowledge means success

Some of my friends are unbelievably clever, but they are not as successful and happy as others. Although good knowledge opens many doors, gives you confidence and advantage, but it is not enough to finally make a breakthrough and elicit your potential.

Whether you like it or not, you should always put into practice the information you have already learned. At first, it will be difficult to transform theoretical knowledge into practical one, but later you will become more experienced and confident person.

3. You do not attach importance to your surroundings

You may not realize that emotional atmosphere and surroundings can affect your productivity, health, and emotional state. If you are going to develop healthy eating habits, you should not rely on the power of will, but do your best to get rid of all possible reminders that give birth to new temptations.

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4. Big steps instead of small ones

Modern generation wants to have it all, by all means. Unfortunately, they do not understand that the force of greed and haste just impede their development and often lead them up the garden.

Many of them get off the fast track and often fall into despondency because they find it difficult to make big changes in lifestyle. The small but systematic and confident steps help human brain build a new habit and adapt to a cardinal change successfully.

5. You rely on the power of will

The willpower is the basis of successful personal development. People who have iron willpower will certainly succeed, no matter in what direction they move. However, human power is not an infinite source of motivational energy. The more you challenge or exhaust yourself, the less willpower you have. It is better to develop small good habits, instead of squeezing your willpower to the last drop.

6. You believe that lack of motivation is to blame

Do not rely on motivation – it is like a bird that can fly away in the twinkling of an eye. While you can boost your motivation by reading inspirational posts or watching motivational videos, one day you may get tired of it. Instead of waiting until the motivation knocks on your door, simplify the action and fit it into your daily schedule.

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7. You focus on abstract goals

The mind of every person is full of abstract goals and desires. People want to start a successful business, earn a lot of money, reach harmony in life, but many of them do not have even the remotest idea what they should do to achieve these goals. They just get their hopes up and do nothing to turn their dreams into reality. Do not waste your time dreaming. Take concrete actions, no matter how difficult or painful it can be.

As soon as you realize and accept all these facts, you will create a new life vision and change for the better. What other misconceptions can make us feel discouraged?