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Your Money Goals Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Valerie Taylor 6 months ago - in Money

Astrological signs all have an idea of money and how to handle it. Opposing natures often have opposing financial goals. Some are impulsive while others save. Regardless of how much power you believe your zodiac signs holds sway over your life, check out these money and financial tips for some ideas on how to make that money.


The enthusiastic and impulse Aries is quite the thrifty shopper in most cases. Unlike some signs, Aries is not one driven by the lust of accruing heaps of cash. But you are the one who accumulates a lump sum, then spends it without blinking. Yet, you also have the miraculous ability to dodge major pitfalls in both your spending money and investments.

Make your money-based goals simple. Learn how to wait a little longer or put your money into time-gated funds (like bonds and CDs). Though not as thrilling at getting a steal at the consignment shop, it will be cool to see those dollar signs increase over time.


Getting the best deal is something Taurus is great for, because you have a seemingly endless supply of patience and perseverance. In fact, this stubbornness might cause you to come off as miserly to some other signs. Being cheap can actually cost you in the long run, especially if you opt for low quality furniture, appliances, and clothing.

Instead, learn to balance your spending by buying higher quality goods that only need to be bought once. It is okay to splurge once in a while. Save when you can, and try your hand at DIYing some more expensive things, like cleaning supplies and spice mixes.


Because Gemini is a capricious sign, impulse buys are your forte. As is gambling. Though you might not need certain knick-knacks or a new pair of shoes, you are quick to buy them. Then, when you check the bank account, you suddenly tighten your fists around your remaining rolls of cash until the amount increases to a comfortable level.

Be sure to track your spending, Gemini. Learn how to budget wisely and how to tell the difference between want and need. Also put your money into investments that you can leave alone and forget about until you need them upon retirement.


Cancer is probably one of the most harmonized sign when it comes to finances. Not only does Cancer know how to save up based on goals, you understand the importance of keeping to the simple things. You often only open the wallet for necessary buys. Until it is time for you to treat yourself, that is.

Since you have the instincts to work well with money, listen to your gut when it comes to making financial ventures. Wait and see which stock market or money market moves are the best bang for your buck, then pounce.


These rulers of the jungle are also at the top of the game when it comes to making, saving, investing, and spending their money. Leos are constantly driven into tomorrow by their ambitions, and this gives the Lion tremendous oversight on their finances. Leos are not usually ones to rack up massive amounts of credit card debt.

Saving money might be challenging for you, Leo, since you have a taste for luxury. However, you know how to work tirelessly towards a goal. So if you make saving money your goal, everything financial will reflect this earnestness in time. Get creative with financing and paying things off. You will enjoy the game of cat and mouse.

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Practical, shrewd, and diligent – Virgos are the penny-pinching overlords of Mercury. However, when it comes to aiding other people, you are more than happy to spend extra if it means bringing smiles to their faces. Though this is not bound to send you into financial instability, Virgos are cautioned to look after balancing life expenses with their charitable ones.

Since Virgos are attracted to logical moves, you can often miss out on risky, but high profit investments. Do your research, gather facts, and then hash out a budget that allows you to maximize your profits.


The balancing act between diplomacy and wanting the finer things in life is often a struggle that Libras know well. You are one of the most creative of the zodiac signs, though. So you can use that imaginative mind throughout your career when it comes to acquisition of essentials and promoting your hobbies.

For example, when money gets tight, seek out thrift stores or form up a side hustle. Repurposing items will also help you save some money. Also, since you work well when other minds are involved, enlist the help of a financial advisor to help you see both sides to every financial opportunity.


The competitive, passionate Scorpio yearns for royalty and extravagance – whether that is in gaining wealth or showing it off. You are also aggressive, meaning you take your finances very seriously.

While you do have tendencies to fritter off some profits towards your comforts, you know how to haggle or seek out discounts. Keep up the good work, Scorpio. Just remember that not everything goes as planned, so start making an emergency fund.


Going with the flow is one thing that Sagittarius does well, even if that flow is a downward spiral into the red. Sagittarius has a gambling streak that needs to be checked by goals. Though you often do not worry about your finances, when you get older, there may be rough patches.

Consider the investments you have made so far and seriously weigh on whether or not they will benefit you in the long run. Also, remember to slow down and think about the consequences of your gambling once in a while.


Patience keeps Capricorn from making impulse buys. This persistence in waiting for the opportune moment can sometimes create tension in their financial wellness, too. Though saving up money comes naturally to Capricorn, obsessing over just how much they have saved or spent is a possibility.

Do not just stick with conservative investments like CDs and bonds, which only reward you for long-term relationships. Try your hand at quicker investments with high turnaround. Also, remember to treat yourself once a while. You work so hard to save that money, why not enjoy it?


Being involved in something meaningful and profitable is something that Aquarius looks for. You are not always concerned about money, as you would rather develop your interests than make a huge profit. Oftentimes, you send off that hard-earned dough to those in need, because you would rather live with less than see others suffer.

Do more good by funding a start-up with humanitarian intentions, making your own business, and seeking out equally creative ways to invest with the potential of incredible return. Aquarius also likes change, so make use of coupons and discounts to find new, cheaper products to love.


Unshakable resolve is one of Pisces strengths that doubles as a weakness, especially when that tenacity devolves into pigheadedness or addiction. A warm heart is another piece of Pisces that gets them into trouble.

Instead of continuing down a hard road alone, recruit the help of friends and a accountant to steer you away from danger. Do not ignore the debt you might have lingering behind you. Endeavor to ease the burden by making it your goal to drop bad spending habits and refinance your life.

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Every sign has their financial strengths and weakness. Some are too frugal. Others too spend-happy. Fortunately, there are methods out there as unique as you are to make sure you live a rich life.