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Your Money Goals Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Valerie Taylor 6 months ago - in Money

Astrological signs all have an idea of money and how to handle it. Opposing natures often have opposing financial goals. Some are impulsive while others save. Regardless of how much power you believe your zodiac signs holds sway over your life, check out these money and financial tips for some ideas on how to make that money.


The enthusiastic and impulse Aries is quite the thrifty shopper in most cases. Unlike some signs, Aries is not one driven by the lust of accruing heaps of cash. But you are the one who accumulates a lump sum, then spends it without blinking. Yet, you also have the miraculous ability to dodge major pitfalls in both your spending money and investments.

Make your money-based goals simple. Learn how to wait a little longer or put your money into time-gated funds (like bonds and CDs). Though not as thrilling at getting a steal at the consignment shop, it will be cool to see those dollar signs increase over time.