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10 Things to Stop Paying for Right Now

Catalina 6 months ago - in Money, Shopping

Money is tight, but you can’t see anywhere you can pull back and save. Every time you try to cut back, you end up still spending. So where can you conjure up some extra cash? Well you can start by getting rid of or replacing these ten things below to save some extra cash. If you are on a budget right now, this may be an excellent solution for you.

1. Cable

This is seriously a waste of your money. Barely anyone watches TV anymore, and even if you do, you can find almost every show online on sites like TV.com, or find it through streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, which literally cost less than $10 a month each.

2. Starbucks

I know, I know. You love your pumpkin spice latte. But you can make that same drink at home for way less. Starbucks is overpriced and it honestly does not take too much effort to get up a little earlier in the morning and brew your own cup. Plus, you can find recipes online for Starbucks specialty drinks and make those, too.

3. PayPal

PayPal is wonderful, but they charge fees that add up over time. You can either use the Family and Friends feature that does not charge fees or switch to a different site that does the exact same thing with no fees – like Dwolla or Venmo.

4. Clothing

I know this sounds weird, but hear me out. You don’t have to spend $20 on one shirt any longer. Go through your wardrobe and pick out things you no longer wear and trade them for things you do want to wear on sites like The Clothing Exchange. Or consider selling and buying on Poshmark. Either way, you will save a ton of extra cash.

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5. Music

Honestly, do I even have to explain this one? Pandora and Spotify both have free services to play your favorite music and introduce you to new stuff. Stop paying for music on iTunes and instead download one of the apps above and listen to your heart’s content.

6. Costco membership

We all love Costco. We are all probably addicted to it. But you don’t actually need to pay for the membership. You can buy things online in bulk either from them (though a fee may apply) or from Amazon. Amazon has a ton of groceries in bulk online, believe it or not, but you can find almost anything. So give it a try and give your wallet a break.

7. Cash

Tired of the fees from ATM’s tacked on when you pull out cash? Instead, use your bank’s app or an app like Find My ATM to find an ATM that is a part of your bank’s branch so you will not have to pay a fee for simply accessing your own money. Stop working hard to pay for those fees.

8. Computer software

If you are paying for Norton, or some other protection for your computer, trash it. Windows Defender does its job well and you will not ever have to worry, trust me.

9. Books

We all love the feel and smell of real books, but they cost a hell of a lot more than ebooks. Seriously, compare the prices and you will be shocked. You can probably even find most of your beloved books online for free.

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10. Cellphone insurance

Yes, that little fee may not seem like a lot, but if you buy a good case, you will be fine even if you drop your phone, which you probably won’t. You are literally paying for something you will never use. Drop it and save yourself some extra cash.

Now that you know the things to stop paying your hard-earned money for, you can break the habit of living paycheck to paycheck and finally save some bucks on the things you are dreaming about or truly need. What are the things you tend to waste your money for?