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7 Things Your Man Should Never Discuss With You

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

It is believed that both men and women should express deep-seated feelings, share the emotional pain, discuss fears and speak their minds for the sake of health and well-being. But the habit of showing weakness in a relationship significantly chips away masculinity and makes men less attractive.

Even though men and women are equal, men should try to be both physically and emotionally stronger than the best half of our human beings. Whatever the level of trust or mutual understanding, manly men should not open up to their women completely. Some things are better left unsaid. Here’re the things every manly man should always keep private at all costs.

1. Doubts

Almost all men, who carry the heavy burden of responsibility, tend to think carefully and weigh all pros and cons before making an important decision. Sometimes possible risks, opportunities, and choices put them off their stride and cause numerous doubts.

If your man thinks that brainstorming with you is a good idea, then he is mistaken. Women usually do not want to obsess over the questions that clearly fall within men’s competence. They detest those men who do not have their own opinion. If you are one of them, let your partner reach decisions and dispel his doubts independently.

2. Life’s challenges

It is hard to remain a manly man in a modern world. The fast pace of life, constant stress, steadily increasing demands and high standards set by the society make them reach goals and move on with their teeth clenched. Nobody likes male naggers, especially women.

They simply do not respect those ones who can’t solve problems and change their lives for the better. Strong men either change everything whatever they want or adapt to reality, and try to soften it up.

3. Fears

It may sound strange, but it is okay to be scared, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. Fear is a natural and sensible response to an unfamiliar or dangerous situation. It initiates a great number of psychophysiological processes that help us survive and behave in extraordinary circumstances correctly.

Though many people say that the first act of courage is to accept the cowardice, your man should not refrain from doing it publicly. Many fears can be overcome, but if your partner does not have even the remotest idea how to do it, try to help him.

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4. Achievements

There is no need to boast of the victories in front of a woman. For sure, bragging flatters ego, boosts confidence and makes men feel better, but at the same time, it exerts a negative influence on a man’s reputation.

Women believe that manly men work and do deeds to improve the quality of life of their dearest and nearest people. Doing good deeds for personal affirmation and glorification is nothing else, but the sign of hypocrisy. Wise women prefer to stay away from selfish men, who only think about themselves.

5. Failures

Everyone has the right to fail and stray from the path. The trouble is that sometimes it is difficult to hide the consequences of your past mistakes from others. You do not want to know about all of your man’s failures, just like he does not want to know about yours.

6. Emotional wounds

Modern society is full of emotionally vulnerable men used to whine on the slightest occasion and without. They tend to publicly express their mental anguish, disappointment, resentment and other feelings by posting depressive content on their social media profiles.

They mistakenly believe that someone will find their experiences or reflections interesting and useful. Women do not like when grown men start behaving like hysterical little girls. While you can heal your man’s emotional wounds, discussing them for hours will not help either of you.

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7. Ex-partners

This one is obvious but often forgotten. Women are not supposed to know it, because talking about ex-partners usually gives birth to obsessive thoughts, jealousy and hidden resentment in their minds. These talks do not end well. They often lead to misunderstandings, quarrels, and even breakups.

These are the main things that can trigger a conflict in the relationship between a man and a woman and add fuel to the fire. Although you and your man should discuss all the worries on a daily basis, some things should be hidden at times.