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7 Quick Ways to Knowingly Ruin Your Marriage

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

If you’re reading this article, then you’re already sick and tired of your marriage and spouse. Nowadays a great number of inspirational articles motivate couples to preserve the marriage and urge them to maintain a sober mind and due diligence when it comes to divorce.

Surely, it’s a reasonable and wise solution that can give you and your spouse a second chance. Unfortunately, sometimes even second chances cannot handle the situation, because much depends on the nature of the problem. If both spouses are open to a change and make numerous attempts to reach mutual understanding, then sooner or later the situation will move off dead center. If love has faded away, however, and everyone remains of the same mind, then spouses will never break the vicious circle of hatred, silent treatment and constant grudges.

In such a case, you can move in two directions. You can either close your eyes to all sufferings and coexist in a loveless marriage or divorce and forget it like a bad dream. If you’re a freedom-loving and self-sufficient person who prioritizes harmony and emotional well-being, then divorce is the most rational and effective decision for you. If you don’t want the divorce process to be extremely painful, you can gradually destroy your love and spoil the relationship to the maximum. Just make sure you don’t hurt your spouse’s feelings.

1. Use silent treatment

Stony silence is an old school and infallible method to ruin the marriage. Every time you get into an argument with your spouse, try to lapse into silence without taking steps towards reconciliation. Without a doubt, two or three weeks of this passive aggressive behavior will certainly destabilize their emotional state and lead to an extremely loud and global conflict. Even mentally tough and emotionally stable people will throw down their arms, because it’s impossible to stand such emotional pressure and pain.

If your spouse is a rational person, they’ll quickly understand that there’s nothing left of your feelings and you have no desire to preserve anything or look for a compromise. Be ready to face the resistance, because if your spouse still loves you, they’ll make attempts to snap you out of silent treatment. Stick to your guns till your final victory.

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2. Criticize and reproach

The next steps to freedom are criticism, constant reproaches and a blame game. There’re no perfect people in this world. Everyone has their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. I’m sure that earlier you’ve always been your spouse’s inspiration and biggest encourager, but now it’s high time to open your eyes to all their sins and play a negative character in the story of your love.

If you want to show your spouse that you’re fed up with everything and don’t want to be in the same boat with them, do your best to set a negative atmosphere at home. How can you do it? Give them hell on a regular basis and blame them for all your failures and problems.

Such atmosphere and behavior will provoke the feelings of guilt and increase the levels of resentment in the heart of your spouse. In a quite short period of time, they’ll start thinking about divorce and if nothing changes for the better, they’ll bid farewell to you.

3. Criticize your spouse’s dearest and nearest

Like many other modern people, I have neutral attitude towards both constructive and ungrounded criticism. But when someone starts criticizing my dearest and nearest and covers their names in mud, I become cross as a bear in the twinkling of an eye.

I think that every person, who loves and respects their family members, will always stand up for them regardless of everything. If you want to have a row with your spouse and end your loveless marriage, you shouldn’t do any harm to your spouse’s dearest and nearest under no circumstances. Their parents aren’t to blame for your troubles and they should never become the victims of your love drama.

Just start criticizing your spouse’s mom, dad, brothers, sisters and emphasize that your family is much better. This painful comparison and criticism will trigger a big conflict between you and your spouse and increase the risk of divorce. Remember that families and relationships built on disrespect and misunderstandings are doomed to failure and unhappiness. If the family values are the top priority for your spouse, you’ll quickly achieve a desirable result.

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4. Compare to others

Both men and women hate when their spouses cross the line in a relationship and start comparing them to someone else. If you take a look around, you’ll understand that there’s always someone better. Comparison is an incredibly bad gesture. It indicates that the feeling of love has been completely replaced by hatred and cynicism.

If you tell your spouse that their colleagues, friends and relatives are more successful and prove that they are a total loser, who is making no headway, you’ll make them hate you in a quite short period of time. Psychologists state that both comparison and blame games are the most dangerous psychological weapons that can give birth to irreversible and unforgivable hatred. If you don’t love each other anymore, you’ll find it difficult to save and heal your relationship, because resentment, offensive words and confessions will live in the heart of your spouse until their final day.

5. Prioritize your life

Marriage is the union of a man and a woman who live together, work, earn money, reach common goals, sacrifice their time and sometimes even neglect their needs for the sake of the family’s success, prosperity and happiness. It cannot exist if one of its members stops appreciating the family, but starts feeding their personal ego. These marriages usually don’t last long. One day the patience of your spouse will be broken and they’ll do all possible and impossible to put an end to this suffering.

Love, respect and mutual understanding in your marriage leave much to be desired. If your spouse has turned your marriage into hell and trampled on your feelings, you should turn everything in your mind to understand whether the game is worth the candle or not. In case you decide that it’s time to say goodbye, you shouldn’t run to extremes.

First of all, it’s necessary to prioritize yourself and think how to change your broken life for the better. Instead of cooking and creating comfortable atmosphere at home, you’d better dedicate enough time to your appearance, development, interests and needs. Try to keep secrets from your spouse and behave as if you’re absolutely independent and indifferent to them. Lack of communication and chronically indifferent treatment will show your spouse that your love is over.

6. Steal your spouse’s personal space and freedom

People who don’t have personal space in a marriage are totally unhappy creatures. The burden of married life and lack of tension outlets make spouses feel suffocated and imprisoned in their relationships. Psychologists say that personal space is as important to human beings as oxygen.

Both men and women need at least one or two hours a day to fly in their dreams, analyze everything, satisfy their personal needs, relax a bit and breathe in a gulp of fresh air. If you want to fight with your spouse and poison your marriage, you should just steal their personal space. But how can you forbid an adult to do the things they need and like? You will certainly reach a desirable goal with help of tears, dramas and ultimatums.

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7. Condemn your partner

Nowadays, every person and every family has its own problems, peculiarities and secrets. As the members of a family, spouses are morally obliged to support each other and keep family information confidential. But this moral obligation isn’t the law that must be observed by all means.

If you want to cripple your marital union in the blink of an eye, you can start discussing your spouse’s behaviors, beliefs, failures, bad habits, fears and other weaknesses with his relatives, not colleagues and friends – the last thing you want to do is to spread rumors. If your spouse doesn’t want you to spoil their reputation, they’ll certainly initiate divorce.

I hope this, at first glance, negative article will help you make a right life decision and finally become happy. Those who say that marriage is a sacred thing and spouses should save it no matter how hard it may be aren’t always right. In my opinion, loveless marital unions that bring only sufferings, pain and cripple human fates should be destroyed for the sake of their both physical and emotional well-being. However, if you want to save your marriage, avoid doing all these things by all means. Do you believe that divorce is the best solution to various family problems? What other behaviors can help us ruin loveless and unhappy marriage?