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5 DIY Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Catalina 6 months ago - in DIY, Family

With Halloween approaching so fast, children can’t sit still. They are trying to help you buy the best Halloween decorations and create the creepiest party menu. They think they help you, when in reality they distract you from doing what you have to do. Well, I have good news for you. Number one, there are some project ideas for your little kids that will keep them entertained for hours. Number two, you can use their creations as Halloween decorations and save some bucks for more important things. Number three, you can make them together to spend quality family time together as well as boost your family’s Halloween spirit. Here are 5 brilliant Halloween craft ideas to keep your little vampires or zombies (or whoever they want to be on Halloween) busy and happy.

1. Cardboard paper masks

From simple colorful masks to their favorite characters, your kids can make the cardboard paper masks of their dream, which means children are happy and your wallet isn’t empty. Start with drawing layouts on the cardboard papers, then cut them along and let your kids decorate the masks however they like. Their can either create some creepy faces or make a few simple colorful masks. It all depends on the age of the child and their desire for crafting. Pumpkin-themed paper masks are wonderful options too. Keep an eye on your kids when they decide to make masks. Scissors are not a toy, after all.

2. Creepy Halloween garlands

Halloween garlands can be of different shapes, length and forms. Depending on where you want to hang your garland, choose materials. Use craft papers, if you want to spook up your home inside, and felt to add a touch of Halloween magic to your front door or porch. Make little bats, cats, pumpkins, spiders, whatever, and stick them all in a long tag or thick thread together. Just like with DIY Christmas garlands, your children’s creativity and imagination will help you create the spookiest (or cutest) Halloween garlands ever!

3. Ghost Eggs

Easter isn’t the only holiday for decorating eggs. Start a new family tradition of decorating Halloween eggs, especially if you have little kids who can draw some lines and no more. Take as many hard boiled eggs as guests you will have at your Halloween party. Ask your children to decorate them as creepiest as possible. They can draw spiders, mummy, skeletons, vampires, zombies, bones etc. Not only will you keep your little ones busy for an hour (or more), but you will have a new Halloween treat on your table. Place your eggs in a plate full of spiders and web to make it even more frightful.

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4. Devil Potatoes

These potatoes are not edible, but so spooky, at least for kids. If your children have nothing to do except making you go crazy over the mess, give them some potatoes and mark pens and ask to create devil potatoes. Just like with eggs, let them draw whatever they like. This is a safe activity that doesn’t require scissors, knives and anything that can do harm to your kids.

5. Halloween decorations

Bats, skulls, cats, pumpkins, Frankenstein, ghosts… there are many Halloween decorations that you and your children can make together. Felt Halloween decorations are a bit complicated to create so make sure you don’t leave your children alone, even if they are good at using scissors and sewing. Even though you can also make paper Halloween decorations, I suggest using felt because it allows you to use these decorations the next year.

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These are some of the funnest projects your little ones will love to do at your Halloween bash. There’s nothing more bonding than making spooky crafts with them together. We have a tendency to waste our time on stress, cooking and chores when the holiday season arrives, forgetting about family treasures, fun and unforgettable moments spent together as a family. Halloween isn’t about creepy costumes, parties and movies. This is a fantastic family time that your children will never forget. What are your best ways to spend time with your little ones on Halloween?