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Childish Fear: I Love Halloween But I Avoid Everything Creepy

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays since I uttered my first words. I love Halloween decorations, cute jack-o-lanterns, and even some Halloween movies, but hosting or attending a creepy party is a challenge to me. I try to shy away from haunted places that make me feel frightened until I get home and feel safe again. If you are anything like me and you feel the same way, you know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to explain why it’s happening to me right now. I’m preparing for Halloween and buy pumpkins and make decorations but the only thought of a creepy night makes me run away from my country to the place where Halloween isn’t celebrated. However, If I do it, how will I enjoy festivity of my favorite holiday? Here’s what happens when you love Halloween but hate everything creepy and spooky.

1. Excuses

Halloween parties are all about scary costumes, spooky decorations, amazingly tasty yet creepy treats and drinks and pumping hearts. When you love Halloween but dislike everything creepy, you choose where to go carefully and find tons of excuses when your friend invites you to visit a haunted party with bloody creatures like vampires and zombies. Apple bobbing is much better for you and your heart.

2. Creepy houses

Even if you know who lives in that frightfully decorated house, you won’t risk to walk up. All those bats, spiders, skeletons, cobweb-covered bushes and graveyard make you run away as far as possible – probably home – so that nothing scary and weird could jump out at you from the grave or bushes. Even though we know that it’s simply a decoration, we can do nothing but be scared to death.

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3. Haunted corn maze is a true nightmare

One of the best fall activities everyone loves is definitely corn mazes. They are fun, exciting and interesting. You probably love them. I love exploring corn mazes too. When it comes to Halloween activities, though, haunted corn mazes become my worst nightmares. I know that nothing bad will happen to me, but I can’t stop thinking that some creepy creature is chasing me while I’m trying to find the way or at least my friends. So scary!

4. Halloween movie night

My friends love horror movies and probably your friends too, but we are against Halloween movie nights, at least with scary scenes. When you organize a movie night, your friends might complain about too childish movie like Hocus Pocus and the next day everyone will know that you are afraid of scary scenes. It’s not the end of the world, but still when you are an adult woman, others may not understand your fear.

5. Halloween decorations are cute

When it comes to Halloween decorations, you opt for something cute and less scary. Your house looks friendly and welcoming rather than spooky and frightening. Your pumpkins are cheerful, and your spiders smile, if you have them, of course. Anyway, your house is the cutest one on the block or neighborhood.

6. Dress up and have fun

When thinking about your plans for Halloween night, the only thing you can plan is just to dress up and have fun all night long with Practical Magic, cheerful jack-o-lanterns and a bit scary treats. The Haunted Theme Park, Haunted Hay Ride and Haunted Houses are not for you. Otherwise, you end up spending the whole night screaming and crying and feeling that you’d die tonight.

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Halloween makes some people think over their lifestyles and fall in love with life again, because some activities make us think that we are going to die in a matter of a few seconds. Seriously, not all of us love horror. Some of us are too sensitive and kind to make friends with zombies and vampires. I really love Halloween, but the haunted places aren’t for me as well as creepy parties. I just won’t survive all of the creepy pranks my friends will pull on me. What about you? Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you prefer to seek out thrills or just dress up and have tons of fun at a bobbing-for-apples party?