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Here’s What I Eat to Reduce My Sugar Intake

Catalina 6 months ago - in Health & Fitness

One of the most addicting things that can ruin our health is sugar. We love it. We eat it. The worst, we can’t give up it. Sugar is the real culprit of serious disease. I call it a sweet poison. Even though I truly love sugar, I find all the possible ways to reduce its consumption. After a long research and tons of experiments, I found out that certain foods help to prevent eating too much sugar on a daily basis.

You may not consume sugar itself, but this sweet ingredient is added to many packaged foods – many people don’t even know about it because added sugar comes in a great number of forms so it’s very difficult to find sugar on the ingredients label. If you want to improve your health, start with improving your grocery list. Here’s what I eat to reduce my sugar intake. Hopefully, my list will inspire you to reconsider some of your eating habits.

1. Raw nuts

Raw nuts contain healthy fats and no added sugar. Even though some nuts contain natural sugar, it’s not as harmful as processed varieties. Walnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios and other nuts can help you beat sugar cravings and reduce or prevent your sugar consumption. Due to its healthy fat and fiber content, raw nuts help to control blood sugar, when eaten in moderation, of course. I buy nuts in bulk to save cash and have a healthy snack on hand. Avoid roasted nuts that do more harm than good.

2. Eggs

You probably think eggs have nothing to do with sugar, but they play a crucial role in your eating habits. Having eggs for breakfast is a surefire way to prevent you from reaching for sugary snacks. Eggs are versatile, healthy and filling. Plus, they are quick and easy to cook. You can whip them up in less time than it takes to update your cover photo on Facebook. Spinach omelet is a perfectly healthy breakfast, lunch or even dinner that will leave you feeling satisfied and slim.

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3. Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt doesn’t seem like a tasty treat, but if you add some fresh or frozen berries to it, you will get the tastier dessert ever! Store-bought fruit-flavored yogurts contain a lot more sugar than your body needs. When you eat plain yogurt with fresh or frozen berries, you control your sugar intake, thus regulate your blood sugar. I choose plain Greek yogurt that is a bit healthier than regular yogurt. It contains protein that helps to alleviate my hunger in a matter of a few seconds.

4. Dark chocolate

I’m a huge chocolate lover so I love anything that has chocolate in it. It’s very difficult for me to refuse to eat chocolate at all. I take small steps in order to reduce my sugar intake. I opt for 70 percent or more dark chocolate or cacao nibs (rarely) instead of milk or any other types of chocolate available at the store. I’ve noticed that a square of dark chocolate a day is enough to curb sugar cravings and boost mood.

5. Raw honey

Raw honey isn’t my favorite ingredient but I keep it in the kitchen and use it instead of sugar at times. I add a bit of raw honey to my morning smoothie, herbal tea and oatmeal. Raw honey is used as a natural sweetener worldwide and for good reason. It’s an excellent source of essential minerals, powerful antioxidants, and crucial enzymes. Plus, it’s healthier than regular honey, but expensive.

6. Lemon

Yes, you read that right. Lemon is a great food to help you reduce your sugar intake. Since we get most of the sugar from sugary drinks – we can’t drink plain water all day long, can we? – adding lemon to plain water, tea or making a homemade lemonade without sugar can significantly lower your daily sugar intake. Lemons help flush toxins from the liver, leaving you feeling refreshed and hydrated. If you can’t drink plain lemon water, you can add a bit of raw honey to it. Don’t overdo it, though.

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7. Make your own pasta sauce

Sugar helps bring the flavors together in a pasta sauce, but it helps to ruin our health as well. Most store-bought pasta sauces contain lots of sugar, which is why it’s always best to make your own sauce. Grab a few fresh or canned whole tomatoes, and break them apart in your food processor, or use your grater. Place in your saucepan, add in herbs, garlic, or/and onion and simmer away for 20-25 minutes. Voila! Your homemade, healthy pasta sauce is ready.

Many of people have wrong belief that only people with diabetes should watch and control their blood sugar. In fact, we all should cut back on sugar in order to live a healthier and longer life. Sugar can cause obesity, mood swings, heart disease, and many more. Consuming it makes you feel happy for a little while but then you have to cope with the consequences sugar brings in your life. What’s your way to reduce your sugar intake?