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7 Awe-Inspiring Benefits of a Long Engagement

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

Today more and more people who had experienced an unwanted breakup after a marriage proposal write articles dedicated to the disadvantages of a long engagement and emphasize that premarital cohabitation has a negative impact on the relationship. According to their point of view, it is better to get married as soon as possible after a proposal.

But it is wrong to draw on the negative experience of other people and think that the situation is really so. I would like to prove the opposite and convince you that a long engagement has a lot of advantages as well. It will certainly fill your life with new feelings, meaning, pleasure and experience if you look at the situation in a positive way.

Typically, it takes approximately one year or maybe even more for engaged couples to get ready for the marriage they have always dreamt about. Read on to find out why many couples opt for a long engagement and why you and your partner should as well.

1. You will have the time to make your grand plans come true

Every couple without exception would like to make their wedding day special, unforgettable and rich on fantastic moments. Unfortunately, many of us do not realize that the preparation process of these brief, but beautiful moments takes a very long time.

It is unbelievably difficult to find a perfect venue for the wedding because almost all fancy places are usually already booked up for months. It is necessary to choose a suitable for both partners season of the year. If you got engaged in the early autumn, but you adore summertime, then perhaps it is better to get married the next year. Otherwise, gray tones and unpredictable weather can spoil your mood and make the most important event of your life, less memorable.

2. No haste, no stress

Those couples who set the date of the marriage in one month usually have to make the impossible with their tongues hanging out, because one month is a short period of time, especially when it comes to the wedding planning. The couples who believe that a long engagement is not a problem, have an opportunity to make wedding arrangements calmly.

It does not mean that their desire to get married is weak. They choose a long engagement because they know that haste and stress are the things that never lead to anything good. If you are going to get sealed by the marriage bond soon, you should discuss the budget and other important details today, but reach the goals step by step.

3. You can earn enough money

One of the most challenging and painful aspects of the wedding planning is a budget because a good wedding costs a lot of money. Surely, you can easily obtain credit for a necessary amount in the bank, but it is desirable to live within your means and enter the marital life without financial burdens.

If you are going to take a loan, you should take into account that unplanned pregnancy and other life’s unpredictable situations can rug the ground right out from under your feet and add a lot of stress to your relationship. If you are going to have a solemn event, it may well be wiser to take some time to save money for your wedding.

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4. You will prepare for a wife role calmly

Unlike fiances, brides are increasingly over-critical and obsessed with their appearance. That is because every fiancee wholeheartedly believes that wedding is a sacred ritual and wants to shine like a star at this long-awaited event. The wedding usually gives women an impetus to shed extra pounds, improve the body shape and get prettier.

As a result, many women, especially perfectionists, prefer to postpone their weddings in order to create a stunning look, buy or make a wondrous wedding dress, improve their physical appearance and prepare themselves psychologically.

5. You will have a chance to get to know each other better

If you think that one month is enough to understand the true nature of the partner and see the real faces of their relatives or close friends, then you are mistaken. It is painful to admit, but sometimes people play roles and pass themselves off as something they are not.

But time and close communication with family members usually open the eyes of engaged lovers and give them to understand what life and the social circle they are going to enter are. Plus, you will have an opportunity to dive into the deepest corners of the partner’s character and understand whether you will accept them or not.

6. Perfect reality check

No matter what people say, a long engagement is a kind of reality check. During this check, partners learn to find common consensus, love, support each other, overcome barriers, set priorities, achieve goals, sacrifice and reach harmony. Why do some couples break up after a long engagement? It usually happens when partners realize that their values do not coincide and their relationship has reached an impasse.

They come to a conclusion that it is better to break up and find the ones who will live make them happy much faster. Sometimes a breakup takes place because lovers refuse to accept the fact that all people change continuously throughout their lives. Those couples that stand the test of time successfully usually create strong, healthy and happy families.

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7. It will fill your life with new experiences

A long engagement is a thing that brings pleasure and inner peace to the life of partners. It is cool to be a fiancee and realize that you will become a wife of your loved one soon. Both partners should not take the process of preparation too seriously because anxiety and obsession can affect the quality of their lives.

Besides establishing priorities, sharing responsibilities and planning everything right away, partners should savor this special moment in their relationship, travel and continue to receive pleasures from life. Plus it is crucially important to go on dates where wedding talks are not allowed. It will shift your focus from the responsibilities and help both you and your loved one feel less overwhelmed and stressed.

I hope this article has changed your attitude towards a long engagement for the better. Don’t believe the couples who say that it is a road to nowhere or a step backward. Stop living up to others’ expectations, but do what you feel is right. What other benefits of a long engagement do you know? Share your point of view with us.