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5 Powerful Motivation Tips for Beginner and Pro Runners

Valerie Taylor 6 months ago - in Health & Fitness

As tempting as it may be to hang up the running shoes for a time and just relax, do not give into the temptation. Like anything that is healthy for you, like sticking to a decent exercise and diet regimen, or quitting a bad habit, keeping up with a running program can be difficult. However, if you feel unmotivated, there are ways to get your head back in the game, whether you are a beginner or a pro at running.

1. Set it up

You know those preliminary things that you do for the next day, like laying out your clothes or pre-packing your lunch? Do that for your run. Put everything out the night before that gives you visual cues to roll out of bed, lace up the sneakers, and to get out the door. This may be as simple as putting a post-it note on the mirror or laying out your running clothes. Like anything you commit to, preparation is key.

2. Commit to the race

Nothing makes people more motivated than knowing they have already paid into something. For example, you continue going to a training course you dislike because you have financed the tuition. Stopping would be silly. Do the same with your running. Pay for a race, the hotel, and something else to do in the area where the race is held. Now, you have to prepare for the run, because if you didn’t, your invest would go to waste.

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3. Run with friends

Everyone is always talking about peer pressure is negative. But in reality, it can also introduce a healthy dose of competition. By joining a local running club alone or with a friend, you now have a reason to go running, even if it is just to best the other person or to talk about life for a while. Since those who run or train with become your partners, you can hold one another accountability. After all, no one likes to bail on the team.

4. “Me” time

Sometimes people give up running or fall prey to their old habits because not running means taking care of everyone else. You might have kids, a significant other, work obligations, and other life responsibilities to take care of. In turn, your “me” time dissipates.

In order to reclaim your running schedule, think of it as the ultimate “me” time, where you can do meditation in motion, get a great dose of endorphins, and generally do the body good. Running can allow you to reflect on nobody but yourself – something that everyone needs once in awhile.

5. Switch it up

If you got bored running on a treadmill, then it is time to head outside. If you run the same trail every day, chart a new course. Running at the same hour and seeing all the same sights? Try altering the time of your run.

When you have new scenery happening, you are going to feel more alert and entertained on the run, rather than just falling into the same monotonous process. This rule can apply to other parts of your life too, but give it a go with your running motivation first.

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If you are struggling to find motivation, look no further than your hopes and dreams for the future. You will find in your goals the impetus that keeps you moving forward. As long as you do not lose sight of your dream, you can continue running towards it to eventually cross the finish line.