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7 Personality Quizzes to Help You Discover Yourself

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

How well do you know yourself? Why do you act differently than others in the same situations? The answer is simple: you are unique. Every individual has his/her own traits that are peculiar exceptionally to him or her. All these traits affect our decisions, behavior, mentality, as well as our tastes and even achievements in life. Scientists have done lots of researches, trying to create a system of tests that would help us understand ourselves better. Perhaps, these quizzes can’t give a complete answer for the question “Who we are?” but they may shed the light on the understanding of our inner world, which isn’t less important. Check out 7 of the most interesting personality quizzes.

1. Big Five Personality Test (BFPT)

According to Academic Psychology, our personality is based on 5 main traits, which are responsible for world perception. These are extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience. Each of them describes different aspects in life. Extraversion shows people’s dependence on the recognition by the world around them in terms of attention, admiration, their social status and power. Conscientiousness depicts a person’s capability to refine him/herself with an eye to reach their goals.

The ability to put the needs of the others ahead of your own is expressed by agreeableness. Neuroticism reflects a person’s inclination to undergo negative emotions. Openness explains your way of thinking – whether you’re interested in relationships between things or take everything more straightforward. The test offers 50 statements and your task is to rate them on a five point scale if you agree or disagree to them. There are various methods to measure the results of BFPT, and this particular test uses “The Big-Five Factor Markers” form IPIP (International Personality Item Pool.) Take this quiz here.

2. Holland Code Quiz (RIASEC)

In the 1950’s, Dr. John L. Holland developed his theory of personality, according to which he divided all people into 6 groups of occupational categories. The main task of this quiz is to show you the best areas for your career growth. To complete the test you have to rate 48 statements about different jobs by the degree of your acceptability on a scale from 1 to 5. All jobs belong to 6 categories of occupations: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, entrepreneurial and conventional (RAISEC). After fulfilling it your fruits will be summed up in the form of 3-letter acronym for 3 categories with the highest score. Moreover, there’s a link you can follow to look through possible occupations based on your results. Take this quiz here.

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3. Myers-Briggs Typology Test (Open Extended Jungian Type Scales 1.2)

Myers-Briggs Typology Test is rightly seen very popular of that kind. It was developed by Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Myers. Actually, they took Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types consisted of three relative pairs of preferences such as Extroversion vs. Introversion, Intuition vs. Sensing and Feeling vs. Thinking, and extended it with the fourth pair — Perceiving vs. Judging. As a result they got 16 different personality types. To accomplish this test you have to go through 2 sections of inquiries that have 60 items, and after that you’ll get a 4-letter code of your personality type with a detailed description. Myers-Briggs Typology Test is available for commercial use only, and Open Extended Jungian Type Scale 1.2 is its free version. Take this quiz here.

4. Short Dark Triad (SD3)

The Short Dark Triad was developed by Delroy Paulhus as an alternative to three different tests – Mach-IV, Narcissistic Personality Inventory and Self-Report Psychopathy Scale. They are applied to make an assessment of Machiavellianism, Narcissism and Psychopathy accordingly. As a rule, it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the test that has 27 statements. You have to rate them depending on how much you agree or disagree with them. Take this quiz here.

5. Personality Type of Your True Love Match

This test will help you understand what kind of a person you need to be happy in love. It’s based on the principles of personality type and consists of 24 questions to answer. Scientists insist that it will show you the exact type of your beloved. Well, it may be so and you should definitely try it. But keep in mind that true feelings can’t rely on science and have to be born deep in your heart to a person you are really comfortable with. That’s why love often does miracles. Take this quiz here.

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6. Open DISC Assessment Test

DISC means 4 personality dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. According to Dr. William Marston’s suggestion — the developer of the theory — our emotions are usually expressed in one of these ways. Although, his idea didn’t find recognition in Academic Psychology circles, it became popular in society. Nowadays, it’s taken as a basis for many tests that are commonly used by HR-companies to assess applicants and employees. To complete DISC Assessment Test you have to do almost the same task as in the aforementioned quizzes: respond to 40 statements and see the results. Take this quiz here.

7. Personal Strengths Inventory

This personal quiz will help to measure your personal strength according to 24 major areas. It’s based on the concept of Character Strengths and Virtues introduced by Martin Seligman, American psychologist. The test is rather big and consists of 240 statements, so it may take some time for you to accomplish it. As a result you’ll get to know what character strengths are your most distinguished out of 24, and receive a detailed explanation of their meaning. Take this quiz here.

There are tons of interesting quizzes and all of them are adapted to the particular fields of studying. These are only 7 of them that are quite popular today and they definitely can give you better realization of your personality. However, remember they’re only scientifically suggested tips but not the rules of behavior. That’s why don’t try to correspond to them, just always be yourself in every situation. It’s the best way to preserve your uniqueness and individuality.