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Are You Putting Too Much Attention on Rich People?

Valerie Taylor 6 months ago - in Lifestyle, Money

Look at the magazines in the racks the next time you have queued up at the supermarket checkout. Which Richie McRich did something now that has landed them on the cover of People? Who is that idol of femininity on Shape? Why should we care what celebrity couples are getting divorced, had breast jobs, and are on vacation?

Too many times I have snapped at people who start prattling about which celebrity did what. This flaunting of wealth should be the least of our problems, but instead, the focus on the rich and famous keeps getting pushed down our throats.

We lose sight of the true meaning of life

We put way too much attention on the way rich people live their lives. There are days when it is okay to look to them for inspiration, to learn from those who started out on our level then made it big. However, when we become far too fascinated with the prospect of wealth, we lose sight of the true meaning of life. Having a mansion, an 18-car garage, and an elevator in your house is not living the dream. I am sorry, but it is not.

The fact of the matter is not that top 1% of the global population that holds the most wealth lives a life people like you and me will never understand. I am not talking about the Kardashians or the like. Think more of names like Charles and David Koch, Amancio Ortega, and Carlos Slim Helu. There is no telling what the inside of their homes looks like, the company they keep, where they really go for vacation, or what they eat. We only receive movie adaptations to give us a view into what life among the top brass could be like.

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Life is not defined by the amount of wealth you have

Most rich people are not generous, selfless, or free. Yet something about their lives teases the common men and women around the globe. You know what is more important? Spreading love, happiness, and tolerance to those around us. Stacks of money is not used in therapy sessions, but hugs are. Depression is not conquered by blowing wads of cash on a brand new wardrobe but by time out in untouched nature or with people we love.

Life should not be defined by the amount of wealth we acquire before leaving this world. Life should be defined by the number of lives you made better, by the positive impressions you left on those around you. In short, there are better things to be than rich. Instead of seeking after a wealth that would take you a lifetime to accrue, spend your days making your life the best it can be with what you have.

Be honest, passionate, and kind. So often we have seen on the news and in papers about how the rich scammed people out of money somehow. This will never stop, and if you seek the same wealth, you would need to do the same. Is that really what you want? To deceive and betray other people?

When you have minimal possessions, you have maximum freedom

Connections and relationships to others are far more important than personal belongings. Valuing objects above people will not make you popular. It will not make you respected or loved.

Be resourceful. When you stop pursuing material belongings, you learn to make do with what you have. You learn to reduce, reuse, and upcycle your belongs. In turn, you treat the earth better too. Be unhindered. Shed the need for riches by liberating yourself with the power of having nothing to hold you down. When you have minimal possessions, you have maximum freedom to shape the world as you want.

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We need to stop placing all of our attention on the rich. We need to stop believing that pursuing wealth is the pursuit of happiness. Because it is not. You can have everything material in the world, but you can never buy love, meaningful relationships, and appreciation for life. Enrich your life rather than gaining riches.