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5 Great Reasons to Adopt a Child

Catalina 6 months ago - in Family

Recently, I watched a wondrous film “The Blind Side,” which is based on a true story about a kind-hearted Afro-American kid adopted by a highly successful American family. This film made me shed a tear. I realized once again that life isn’t fair and it’s necessary to give people a chance. This cinematographic masterpiece shows that adopting a child is a very responsible yet worthy and noble gesture.

Unfortunately, we live in the world where more than 150 millions of children see a loving home and family in their dreams only. I know that becoming a parent is a serious life-changing event, but if you’re reading this article, then you’ve at least once thought about it.

Adoption usually brings a positive ending to both children’s and their new parents’ problematic situations. The statistics shows that adults often start thinking about this serious step when they face various problems. Other people adopt children for philanthropic purposes, because they think that every child should be under the wing of a lovely family. If you’re still hesitating whether to begin the adoption process or not, you should take some time to weigh all pros and cons of this step. You should feel that you’re morally ready to open your heart, home and treat adopted kids as if they’re your own blood.

1. You’re a forever single person

Nowadays single parenthood isn’t a verdict. Many chronically single women or men don’t believe in love, but wake up and fall asleep every day with a cherished dream of having a beautiful child. If you’re one of them and you’re suffering from the feeling of loneliness and doom, then take a responsibility to adopt a small angel.

The doors of children’s home are always open to all good people who want to bring the light of hope into a lonely child’s heart. For sure, this God’s creature will fill your life with the meaning, love, positivity and wonderful emotions. As soon as you adopt a child, you’ll turn from a forever alone person into a happy caring parent in a twinkling of an eye. Parenthood will certainly shift your focus from negative obsessive thoughts to the life of your son or daughter.

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2. Foster children are wonderful

There’s a stereotype that orphaned or abandoned kids are doomed to failure in future, because they’re genetically related to people who once gave them birth. People say that heredity and life in children’s home can exert a negative influence on their emotional and physical well-being. In most cases, it’s a myth, because the future mindset and lifestyle of an adopted child depends directly on the atmosphere inside a new family.

It’s desirable to adopt small children until the core of their personalities isn’t formed. You’ll be able to instill the best values in your child and start the process of upbringing according to your rules and standards. It will help you avoid all possible misunderstandings and conflicts in future. Adopted kids can become highly successful and full-fledged personalities. It usually happens so, when they grow up in families based on love, support, respect and mutual understanding.

3. It’s not necessary to be a biological parent to be a true parent

I’ve always believed that true parents are not the ones who give birth, but those who dedicate the best years of their life to bring up a wonderful child. True parents will always go through many ups and downs together with their kids. They’ll never refuse to support a kid regardless of everything.

Child adoption is an emotionally difficult decision for every human being. Unfortunately, many people, who want to adopt a child, suffer from a deep-seated fear of failure. They fear that for one or other reason, they won’t be able to overcome an emotional barrier in a relationship with an adopted child.

These people should just wholeheartedly believe in the truth that they’re the best and the only true parents who gave an abandoned child a chance to open out the wings like a phoenix and find themselves in this world.

4. You can’t imagine yourself without a big friendly family

There’re a lot of big-hearted philanthropic personalities all over the world who tend to significantly expand their families due to child adoption. It seems these people are angels sent from heaven to do good deeds and give foster children a forever home. They do their best to provide for their kids’ both physical and emotional needs and give unconditional love. Their cherished dream is to create a big family where all its members will be able to reach their full potential and sow the good seed in future.

I’m not such an altruistic person, but I’ve the greatest respect for the choice and stand in life of people who have the burden of a large family on their shoulders and don’t fear to take a false step in this challenging world. When I see such people, I realize that large family is not just the choice or an act of kindness, but a lifestyle.

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5. Reproductive health problems

According to the statistics, the main reason why many couples decide to adopt children is infertility. This terrible and often incurable disease doesn’t give lovely couples an opportunity to achieve a clinical pregnancy and fulfill a wish for parenthood. The couples, who’ve already faced such a trouble, shouldn’t lose heart or take extreme measures. They should just accept this fact and understand that it’s not a punishment, but an important sign. I believe that every personality has a mission in life. It means that the main mission of an infertile family is child adoption.

Child adoption is a crucially important decision that requires due and rational considerations. There’s no place for a fleeting compassion or an impulse of a noble despair. Before making such a decision, you should ask yourself two questions. Why do I want to adopt a child? Am I ready to help my new kid adapt to my life and family? I hope the reasons mentioned in this article will come you in handy and help you make a major life decision. Do you know any other reasons to adopt a child? Share your point of view!