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9 Signs You Should Take a Career Break Today

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Career

Career breaks are traditionally viewed as a time for mothers to rear children, but nowadays people take career breaks in order to travel, study or just change something in life. However, most people are afraid of taking time out of their professional development since a career break means some apparent obstacles like unpaid living, difficulties with returning to work, and fear of changes. Thus, millions of people continue doing things they hate day after day, despite their discontent and fatigue. If you feel like you’re living someone else’s life or like you get lost in your own life, read on to find out 9 undeniable signs to take a career break today.

1. You feel like you’ve made a mistake

Sometimes people choose their occupation by force of circumstances. Often we have to make this choice when we lack life experience and dimly understand what we want to do in this life. As a result many people feel unhappy about their career choice and they live their whole life doing the wrong thing. Try to understand that it’s never too late to stop and make a fresh start. Chances are that a career break would be a critical milestone in your life.

2. You are procrastinating

We often refer procrastination to lack of self-organization and laziness, but this statement is partly right. Protracted and incurable procrastination means you’re deeply dissatisfied with what you’re doing. Your subconscious tries to show you that your life needs profound changes. In this case a career break would be a great time to dedicate to learning something new in order to change your occupation.

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3. You have no time for children and family

If you don’t remember the last time you read to your kids or have family dinner together, you’re in trouble. Your career should never be your first priority. Estrangement from your kids and husband leads to misunderstandings and slack family bonds. A career break may be a good chance for you to recover your relationship with your family.

I also know many women who went back to work a few months after delivery. As a result, they couldn’t concentrate on their tasks and they had no opportunity to look after their babies. Some things should go its natural way. Take a career break and enjoy all the joys of motherhood.

4. You feel like you lack something

You’ve gained stability, security and you know what your days will look like for the months ahead, but you still cannot fill the inner emptiness. The point is that stability leads to boredom, security cannot guarantee happiness and your detailed life plan looks unreal if it doesn’t assume alternations. Give a career break a try and use this time to get new experience.

5. You start waiting for weekends from Monday

If your Sunday evening is poisoned by the thought of the forthcoming working week, it’s a bad sign. Sometimes frustration is caused by the avalanche of work at the end of the month, but it’s just an integral part of a normal working process. However, if you’re constantly suppressed by your work, you should take advantage of a career break and reconsider your professional priorities.

6. You are dissatisfied with your colleagues

If you’re totally dissatisfied with your colleagues, tasks or boss, you should learn to say No. Cancel all those appointments, reschedule your timeline and call in sick. Even a short time off will help you to recharge your resources and feel more optimistic about your surrounding at work.

7. Your health goes down

One of the surest signs you need to take a career break is a poor health. Working hard might not kill you, but it can definitely undermine your health and well-being. A career break would be a lucky opportunity to recover or even consider taking up something else in your life. After all, what’s the use of working hard if you spend your paychecks on hospital bills?

8. You are unproductive

You simply waste your time sitting around and looking at your office walls. You can spend those precious minutes much more reasonably by taking a career break and having a good rest. Some time off will recharge your potential and boost your creativity. Be sure to return like a new person after a short break.

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9. You lack work-life balance

You cannot live a happy life if you fail to find balance between your work and all the rest essential life spheres like family, leisure, health and personal time. Nowadays most jobs are becoming more and more stressful, which leads to a threatening imbalance between personal life and career. If you feel like you sacrifice your life for career, take some time off. Think about your life priorities and major life goals. When you see your ultimate goal, it’s easier to prioritize your choices.

A long career break is obviously a serious decision that requires a profound planning. But even a short time off may be hard to agree to. If you feel like you need a career break, why not take it today? Use this time to take new challenges, get fresh experiences and develop yourself. Do you need a career break?