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9 Ways to Stay Cheerful during the Dull Weather

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Whether you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder or not, a dull weather can make any person feel cranky, sad and blah. My mood highly depends on the weather, which causes me a lot of discomfort and nuisance. People who have a bad mood tend to stay in bed all day long, they have a poor appetite or tendency to overeat. However, we can’t avoid overcast days and drizzly mornings so we need to learn how to stay cheerful regardless of the weather. Below is the list of the ways to stay cheerful during the dull weather. Take a look, see what you think and hopefully you will learn to stay positive no matter what.

1. Surround yourself with positive people

If you are highly influenced by weather, try to stay away from people who always have something to complain about. High-maintenance people tend to load us with their problems and whims. When the weather is dull and you have a terrible mood, surround yourself with positive people who can make you laugh or at least smile. Positive attitude is infectious and smiles are inspiring.

2. Use the power of color

In fall and winter most people try to wrap themselves in black colors, which is utterly wrong. Nothing can discourage you faster than dark clothes on a dull autumn day. Color therapy is a very powerful weapon against low spirit and depression, so give bright colors a try. Who says red, yellow and pink are summer trends only? Add a splash of lively colors to your look by wearing your brightest blouse, vibrant earrings or bold cherry lipstick.

3. Add more light

Another crucial factor that can affect your mood and well-being is light. The level of vitamin D and serotonin directly depends on the amount of light you get. Lack of light, however, can cause apathy, weakness and sleepiness. Sure, you cannot get more natural light on a dull day, but you can considerably improve lighting in your workplace and at home. Make the space brighter with various types of light sources like ambient lighting and spot lighting.

4. Play with your pet

The fact that pet owners are generally more cheerful and happier is obvious. Cats and dogs are real mood boosters; they give tons of positive emotions along with the feeling of fulfillment and pleasure. Whenever you feel down, take your dog for a walk or cuddle your cat. If you don’t have a fluffy friend, take a walk to the nearest pet store and admire those little hamsters, puppies and kittens. Maybe, it’s time to adopt or buy a pet, who knows?

5. Shake up your body

When the weather makes you feel blue, you can feel an irresistible desire to curl up under warm blankets and sleep all day long. Physical activity, however, is the best way to stay upbeat and cheerful on a gloomy day. Workouts boost the level of hormones that help improve your mood and mindset. You don’t have to go to the gym, though. Look around and find something to do at home. Dancing to a loud music while cleaning and walking up and down the stairs are good options to consider.

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6. Prep a big cup of hot chocolate

Can you name anything more pleasing than your favorite beverage served up in a big cup? Chocolate is recognized as a serotonin stimulator and the major source of antioxidants. These agents induce the feeling of satisfaction and help combat depression. While it may be unhealthy, I love to start my day with a cup of hot chocolate and biscuits from time to time.

7. Make use of the Internet

The Internet is an amazing source of positive emotions and inspiration! I’m not an Internet junkie and I don’t feel like distracting from the reality when I feel down. But every now and then I love searching for some uplifting stuff like fun images, films or cute animal videos. Watching a motivating, joyful movie or reading a good story is another great way to stay cheerful during the gloomy weather. However, make sure you avoid social media.

8. Create your own book of inspiring quotes

Collecting inspirational quotes and sayings has been my passion and hobby since my childhood. Every time I look through numerous pages covered with smart, fun and witty quotations, I really feel better. Right words can cure your mind and improve your thoughts when you feel down. Consider creating your own inspirational board to turn to each time you feel dispirited.

9. Indulge yourself in a long, hot bath

This is my favorite way to enhance my mind and body. While cold shower is a bit stressful and uncomfortable, hot temperatures are absolutely relaxing and soothing. Soaking in a steamy hot tub filled with tasty fragrances of essential oils is also a good way to boost your spirit and feel better. Thus, whenever you feel down, go to the bathroom and just wash that blues away!

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It’s difficult not to pay attention to the terrible weather, but our spirits cannot depend on the weather that much. When you feel that you need some kind of pick-me-up, make use of my go-to tips and stay cheerful regardless of the weather outside. You’ll be much happier if you learn to control your mood. What’s your secret of a good mood during the dull weather?