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9 Ways to Recognize When You Need to Change Your Life

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

From my own experience I can say that people undergo changes due to two major reasons: pain and pleasure. Changes are not always desirable and pleasant, but they are necessary to improve your life and feelings. A lot of people get stuck in their day-to-day activities without realizing that they are unhappy. Others, on the contrary, are conscious of their unhappiness, but they can’t make an attempt to alter their way of life. If you say ‘yes’ to at least several of the signs below, know that it’s time to change your life.

1. You dwell on your past

Bittersweet nostalgia for your past means you’re are afraid of or you don’t want to accept your present. I was inclined to romanticize my past and I often missed people who had vanished from my life long time ago. Dwelling on your past is a wasting habit that prevents you from enjoying your present. Think of what you are dissatisfied with and try to change it.

2. You envy other people’s lives

Other people’s lives always seem better and easier and more winning. Your sister seems to have a perfect marriage, your friend has a great car and that celeb seems to be utterly happy with her life and success. But other people also have problems, difficulties and failures. If you envy other people’s success, you need to change something in your life. If you can dream of something you can definitely achieve it! Believe that you deserve a better life and welcome big changes.

3. You have nobody to spend a Friday evening with

Only a few people appreciate an ascetic life, but most of us need communication and close relationship. If you belong to the second group, but you have nobody to talk to or spend a weekend with, something is definitely wrong. I’m strongly convinced that loneliness is your choice even if you don’t realize it. Each time you say that you have no time/desire to go out, people become less likely to call you again.

4. You feel constant tension

If you always want to take control over the situation, it may lead to serious troubles. I always worried that something could go wrong. As a result, it caused nothing but stress and obsession. Certain things should happen naturally and you have to relax and enjoy your living from time to time. Try to find out the reason of your stress. If your weekends are poisoned by the thought that you have to go to work on Monday, you should consider changing your job.

5. You feel deep resentment

You can’t find peace and happiness unless you are free of resentment, frustration and irritation. Try to realize that you simply waste your time when you regret having done something. Resentment eats away your nerves and time, two most precious things you possess and control. Life is full of things that may arouse resentment, anger or stress, but you should find ways to cope with these wasting emotions.

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6. You feel bad

Our body is highly sensitive to our emotional well-being and the slightest stress immediately influences our health. Troubled sleep, no desire to get up in the morning, constant back pain and headaches are sure sings that your body and mind are suffering. When the problem is with your thinking and perception, doctors and medicines won’t help. Analyze your life and find out the aspects you want to change.

7. You don’t remember the last time you went out on a date

Sometimes people have other priorities in their life than relationship. But think for a moment and tell me honestly: aren’t you trying to isolate yourself from people and society? You might be afraid of heartache or failure or faithlessness, but it’s not the reason to live your life alone. Giving people a second chance is a hard yet right decision if you want to change your life for the better.

8. You start smoking, drinking or overeating

One of the surest signs that you need to change your life is your compulsive behavior. Happy people are rarely prone to bad habits and addictions. But when people are unsatisfied with their lives, they alleviate stress by smoking, overeating or excessive drinking. A young girl with poor posture and a cigarette in her mouth is a miserable picture, don’t you think so? That’s why pull yourself together and start doing something to better your life.

9. You feel that you need to change something

Last but not least sign that you should change your life is all about your feelings. Most people can’t find balance and harmony in their life because they ignore what their heart says. Our insight and intuition always try to show us the best way, but the fear of changes suppresses the voice of our heart. The path to happiness would be full of mistakes and disappointments, but this is the only right way to choose.

If the majority of the aforementioned points can be applied to your life, that’s not bad. The sooner you recognize the reason, the easier you solve the problem. Start from your inner self and listen to your feelings. Yes, life is hard at times. But you should believe that you are stronger than your difficulties. Do you want to change something in your life?