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10 Breathtaking Water Parks in the World

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Travel&Life

Every summer – be it the first month or the last one – you face the dilemma of enjoying your perfect holiday. But the long days and extreme heat of summer ruin almost all the fun of your perfect vacation. Fear not, I have a great solution for you, which will entertain all of your family and give you a thrilling experience. Water parks! Forget about your regular themed parks or popular summer destinations, water parks are where you want to be. These amusement parks are guaranteed to give you and your family an unforgettable experience.

Water parks have always been popular holiday destinations among the young and old alike. In recent years water parks have transformed drastically, from just a few large swimming pools and small rides to ultimate all-in-one entertainment paradise. With gigantic pools, lazy rivers, hundreds of different water-based rides, exotic beverages, wave pools, rain dance and adventurous water slides.

With summer progressing, it is impossible to relax outdoors on a weekend. Whereas water parks offer a great place to cool off and enjoy a perfect family outing, on a hot summer’s day. Here is TripAdvisor’s list of top ten breathtaking water parks around the world to have adrenaline pumping family holiday.

1. Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai

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Voted as the most luxurious water park, the Aquaventure Waterpark offers record breaking rides, personal and close introduction with sharks, along with 700 meters of private beach to relax under hot Arabian sun.

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The Tower of Neptune is a mysterious ride, which will push your limits with shark filled lagoons and incredible coasters. The Aquaventure water park also has many adventures for your little ones, water cannons, castles and hanging bridges will surely take them to next level.

2. Siam Park, Adeje, Spain

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Siam is one of the most visited water parks around the world. Famous for its spectacular Thai theme and architecture, the Siam Park provides the perfect destination for Epic adventure seekers and thrilling family holidays. Toboggan is the Siam’s most popular water ride, a truly thrilling slide for adults and children. With almost 14 curves and turns, Toboggan is 240 m long so you will plunge down at an incredible speed of 18 m per second.

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Another jaw-dropping attraction of Siam Park is its Tower of Power. Imagine 28 m high vertical drop into a small splash pool. Now imagine some sharks in that pool, congratulations, you have got yourself the Tower of Power. But don’t worry, your safety is guaranteed, sharks are kept in an aquarium separate from the splash pool. If you are truly looking for an adventure filled family holiday, there is no place better than Siam.

3. Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi

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Yas Waterworld is another mega water park of the Middle East. Located on its private 15-hectare island, Yas Waterworld has 43 different water rides to entertain the whole family. Yas Park offers never-seen-before rides and attractions, such as looping tornado slide and interactive laser rollercoaster.

Developed around the theme of traditional Emirati culture, Yas Waterpark holds pearl-diving heritage at its core. You will definitely have a fabulous family outing and amazing memories at Yas WaterWorld.

4. Waterbom Bali, Kuta, Indonesia

Rated as Asia’s number one water park, Waterbom Bali offers 3.8 hectares of tropical park and some of the fastest water slides in the world. One of the rides includes a 20 m high, super-fast, snake-like, tubed ride, which will whisk and twist you until you reach a Holding Chamber, which is about 16 m high from the ground.

But before you even realize where you are, suddenly a trap door opens and you free fall at 2.5 G-force of speed. Besides extreme, fierce, super fast and thrilling rides, Waterbom Bali also offers many shallow pools for light-hearted and kids.

5. Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, Orlando, Florida

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Packed with world’s tallest and fastest free-falling slides, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Park is nothing short of a true water-wonderland. Disney’s Blizzard is much more than just a water park. With new events every month, there are numerous activities to enjoy with your family.

You can even challenge and race with your friends in side-by-side water slides aka Downhill Double Dipper. Cool off in an indoor snow world designed for kids, and enjoy ice pails, snowball fights and limbo pole with your family. And if you get too tired roaming around, spend your evening floating in the lazy river.

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6. Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney, Orlando

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The member of Disney World Resorts, Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is packed with numerous water rides you can enjoy with your family. Amazing Wave Pool allows 6 ft high waves to surf on, while famous Shark Reef allows visitors to take a dive in the water and snorkel with actual sharks. Some other attractions include Crush n’ Gusher that offers Coconut Crushers, Banana Blasters, and Pineapple Plungers. These slides are 400 to 420 ft in length.

7. Hot Park, Rio Quente, Brazil

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The only hot water park in Southern America, the Hot Park is a spot for everyone. Rides here offer a great mix of terrifying yet thrilling experience. Especially the Xpirado or Piranha Ride, which features 31 m tall tower along with a 142 m extremely long slide, with the average descending speed of 8.3 meters per second.

You can enjoy this slide directly or within inflatable rings with your family. Tourists can visit the park all year round. Another major attraction is a 22 m wide waterslide that you can enjoy with your friends or family. Other attractions for kids include cozy playgrounds, warm pools, wave pools and half pipe.

8. Beach Park, Aquiraz, Brazil

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Brazil has many of the world’s most visited water parks. Beach Park is the largest among them. Located in Aquiraz, Beach Park includes pools, ecological walks, artificial rapids, saunas and 14 story high water slide.

Treasure Island is the main attraction of Beach Park, it includes water cannons, artillery walls, and a 90 Degree spiral slide. Besides being extremely thrilling and adventurous, Beach Park is also one of the safest Water Parks. With the current Olympics, Beach Park, Brazil is an ideal holiday destination for everyone.

9. Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai

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Another breathtaking water park based in Dubai, right in front of Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi has 30 stunning rides for the whole family. Designed around popular Arabian folk character, Juha, Wild Wadi offers scary yet amazing experience.

A popular ride includes Wipeout, which shoots 7 tons of water per second to create most realistic Surfing experience. The ride produces ideal waves for Knee Boarding and Surfing. With rides like Riptide and Wipeout, the Wild Wadi Water Park truly maintains the tradition of Dubai, exclusivity, and uniqueness. There are only four such rides in the whole world.

10. Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Paradise Island

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With 20 million gallons of water spread across 141 acres of waterscape, a mile long lazy river, 20 swimming zones, magnificent play fort for kids, more than 11 unique rides and pools and a complimentary entry for overnight guests, the Aquaventure Water Park is definitely worth visiting.

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Covered with the lush tropical environment the Atlantis Adventure Park is perfect for all vacationers and travelers. If you are looking for a place to relax rather than having an extreme adventure, it is the place to go.

Just because it is almost the fall season now, does not mean we should say goodbye to water parks. Which one of these breathtaking water parks are you planning to visit? Did I miss any of your favorites? Please let me know.