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10 New Ways to Celebrate Christmas Alone

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Whether you’re spending Christmas alone by choice or by circumstance, you can still have a wonderful day that’s filled with meaning and emotion. Instead of writing the holiday off as just another day because you’re alone, embrace one or more of the following ways to enjoy Christmas on your own. Try to look at the situation from a positive perspective and you’ll find out many undeniable benefits and interesting ways to enjoy Christmas alone. Being alone on Christmas means no stressful shopping, gatherings with your extended family and usual bustle in the kitchen and over the house. If you have to be alone on this Christmas here are 10 great ways to make your holiday awesome.

1. Buy yourself a present

Being busy with buying presents for your nearest and dearest you often forget to buy something for yourself. Whether you’ve ever shopped for a present for yourself or not, when you’re spending Christmas alone it may be the only way to ensure that you have a present under the tree. Wrap your gift in cheerful gift wrap, place it under the tree and forget about it until Christmas morning when you open it. When you don’t have to spend money on presents for others, you can spend more on a lovely present for yourself. That awfully beautiful designer skirt or high heels might be a great gift to give yourself this Christmas.

2. Sing Christmas carols

There’s nothing like singing Christmas carols to put yourself in a holiday mood. Christmas songs are an indispensable part of a celebration; they’re even more important to keep you encouraged when you celebrate alone. Turn the radio to a station that plays holiday songs or collect a couple of Christmas music CDs and start belting out the tunes. If you play an instrument, by all means, accompany yourself while you warble. If not, simply sing a cappella. Stay in high spirits all day long with playlist of holiday traditional songs like ‘Christmas Time is Here’, ‘The Christmas Song’ and ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. It’s a great way to celebrate Christmas alone by filling your quiet house with uplifting holiday sounds.

3. Attend a religious service

Even if you haven’t been to church in a while, check out the holiday schedule and attend services. Going to church on Christmas Eve is a good opportunity to share the feeling of togetherness by joining in a song ‘Silent Night’, and enjoy the acting out of Christ birth. If you’re feeling particularly adventuresome, attend a Christmas service of a religion that’s different than yours. If you usually attend the Lutheran church on the corner, cross the street and observe how the Baptists celebrate Christmas. You’ll be amazed at the diversity and variety of Christmas celebration in different cultures and confessions.

4. Embrace international traditions

For a fun twist on your Christmas celebration, research how Christmas is celebrated in other countries and incorporate a new tradition into your solo celebration. For example, European countries have plenty of interesting traditions related to Christmas. Nativity cribs are common in Poland. Find a crib, wrap a baby doll lovingly in a blanket and display the Christmas crib in your home. Or, you can make an Advent wreath using twigs and candles, just like the Germans do. If you want to experience something more extraordinary, look for oriental Christmas traditions such as Chinese. When learning about international Christmas traditions you’ll see how versatile and interesting this holiday is in various countries.

5. Have a movie marathon

Before the holidays roll around, collect several of your favorite Christmas movies in preparation for a Christmas Day movie marathon. The collection of uplifting movies will help you forget about loneliness and dive into a cheerful festive atmosphere. Select old favorites or pick those that are new to you. Some possibilities include Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, We’re No Angels and The Santa Clause. Don’t forget to prepare a large bowl of popcorn, cookies and a mug of a hot chocolate.

6. Enjoy the great outdoors

Take advantage of your day off to get outside and get some fresh air. Count yourself especially fortunate if there’s snow on the ground. Take a walk and kick your way through the drifts, build a snowman or pull on your ice skates and skate around a nearby pond. Don’t forget to take warm mittens and a thermos of hot tea with you to make your stroll more comfortable and enjoyable. Consider taking a camera with you to take photographs of marvelous winter streets, happy passers-by that hurry up to their families, or go to the nearest park and capture a breathtaking nature. You can also head to amusement park and enjoy gripping firework displays, live music, buy unique crafts from local craftsmen or experience a chocolate tasting.

7. Treat your pets

While you may think you’re alone for Christmas, when you have pets, that simply isn’t so. Include your dog or cat in the celebration. Buy kitty that special cat food that you rarely splurge on or fill a stocking with new, squeaky dog toys. Feed your furry friends some turkey or ham for a rare treat. Don’t overlook Christmas costumes for your little friends! Choose one from the pet store or consider making your own costume. It’s not necessarily to think up something extraordinary; bright bow ties, Santa hats or reindeer ears will be enough to look festive! Treats and costumes are not the only way to rejoice your precious pet on Christmas. A pet bed, a new toy or a beautiful collar is also a nice gift to lay under a Christmas tree.

8. Eat hearty

Ensure that you have a delicious meal to enjoy on Christmas Day. Just because you’re alone, doesn’t mean you should forgo an enjoyable dinner. If you like the traditional dishes, prepare dinner for yourself. Make smaller portions or store the leftovers to eat over the next few days. If you don’t want to cook, order Chinese, get a pizza or pick up a bucket of fried chicken. Check with your local eatery, however, to ensure that they’re open on Christmas Day.

However, it’s easy to overeat when you celebrate holidays alone. If you cannot control the intake of festive sweets and dainties, try to switch your attention to other activities like workouts, walking outside or dancing to upbeat music. Apart from holiday cocktails, don’t forget to drink enough water.

9. Remember Christmases past

People often become nostalgic during the Christmas season. If you’re feeling that way, dig out your home movies and photograph albums. Spend time ensconced in the glow of memories you’ve made throughout the years and take time to remember and honor those loved ones who are no longer with you. You can honor people you love by preparing their favorite meal, listening to their favorite song or watching a movie that you used to watch together. Decorate your Christmas tree according to your family traditions or make DIY decorations using family photos, mementos and other lovely trinkets. If you feel like overwhelmed with emotions consider writing a letter to people who cannot be with you now. It doesn’t matter that they will never read it; it will help you to relieve your feelings and honor your loved ones.

10. Work on Christmas crafts

If being alone on Christmas fills you with dread, make a plan to stay busy. Working on craft projects will occupy your mind and your hands. Making something with your own hands always brings the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Try to make a nice bracelet or earrings, you’ve been looking for. Christmas cards, flower centerpieces, Christmas tree decorations are also useful and lovely handmade projects to try. Gather instructions for one or more Christmas crafts that interest you and shop for your supplies at least a few weeks before Christmas. When Christmas Day dawns, curl up at the kitchen table in your coziest jammies and work on special creations that you’ll be able to display and admire next year.

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No matter why you’re spending Christmas alone, the day doesn’t have to be a misery. You can feel perfectly well this Christmas even if your house isn’t a noisy and crowded place. Christmas may be a great time to accomplish something you’ve been putting off for a long time. Choose the activities that appeal to you and make the day a special one. After all, celebrating Christmas alone is also a one-of-a-kind experience in your life. So, what do you think of these ideas?