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10 Ways to Make This Christmas More Meaningful

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Family, Lifestyle

Christmas can turn into a commercial, greedy holiday if you let it. Unfortunately, many people focus on the gift side of things and don’t pay much attention to the peace and goodwill side of things. If Christmas is starting to seem empty and pointless, you can take steps to make it more meaningful.

Remember, you don’t need a lot of money to feel happy and make everyone around you happy. Try out a few of these easy tips for making this Christmas more meaningful and let me know what do you think.

1. Keep things simple

Limit the number of presents and parties you have to deal with this Christmas season. Christmas is not about the amount of money spent on gifts; it’s about love and care you give others. You cannot take part in every activity that your friends and colleagues offer you. Learn to say ‘no’ if you don’t feel like hosting a big celebration.

If you decide to host a party, spend some time considering the guest list. By inviting your nearest and dearest only, you’ll guard yourself against artificial smiles, tension and stress. Eliminating unimportant things is a good way to focus more on things that really matter.

2. Volunteer for Christmas

Christmas spirit usually brings out the best in every person. Whether you want to work in a soup kitchen or volunteer to give pets in an animal shelter a little love, volunteering can open your heart. Don’t go alone, though. Take your entire family and make it a holiday tradition.

From providing food for people in need, helping homeless people, to assisting in hospital and retirement home, there are many wonderful things to do this holiday season. Inviting someone who’s lonely is also a good way to help other people feel happier on Christmas. If you want to join a volunteer organization, start looking for a place early so that you can prove yourself as a trustworthy person and gain some experience.

3. Pass on the blessings

You are lucky enough to worry about simplifying Christmas, so why not spread the cheer? Instead of loading your kids up with dozens of gifts, keep it small and give gifts to someone who might not have as much. Attend a local hospital or a children’s home and make those little faces smile by passing out sweets, toys, stationery or clothes.

If you can sew, knit or make DIY crafts, it’s even better! Handmade gifts are always more appealing and heartwarming. Start preparing the crafts in advance and get your kids involved into beneficial activities.

4. Share your Christmas dinner

Invite as many people as you dare for Christmas dinner. Your guests don’t have to be relatives. In fact, it’s even better if you add some people who may not have family to spend it with. Talk to older people, exchange students and others who are spending the holidays alone. Hosting a big celebration may be a bit costly and challenging, but this is definitely a right way to spend money.

With a house full of guests, you will have plenty of extra hands to help you with cooking, serving and preparations. Being involved into Christmas preparations is the great way to enjoy togetherness and warmth.

5. Take time to say thanks

Giving thanks isn’t just for Thanksgiving. You can make the holiday season special by remembering to give thanks for the many blessings you have. As a family, you can write these things down and hang them on the tree. Stock up on beautiful sets of Thank You notes and invite your guests to fill them during the evening. Another great way to express your gratitude is to give compliments to people.

Saying “You’re always so helpful and sympathetic” you actually mean “Thank you for kindness you bring into this world”. On the contrary, when you are complimented or given a present simply say ‘thank you’ and don’t try to reject the generous gesture. Accepting a present is also a way of expressing thankfulness.

6. Give handmade gifts

While not all your gifts need to be handmade, this is a way to make something very special to give to someone you care about. Handmade gifts are always meant for a particular person and they are the best way to show your attitude to this person. It doesn’t have to be a complicated item, even a simple knitted hat or a set of handmade blocks can easily be the best gift under the tree because of the love put into it.

The Internet is teeming with tons of fabulous DIY projects to try this Christmas. DIY cosmetics, accessories, gloves and scarfs, candleholders and souvenir boxes are all simple and sweet holiday gifts you can try to make yourself.

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7. Enjoy your family on Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when you can enjoy family togetherness, so make it count. Turn off the TV and play a board game or go for a walk in the snow. Check your town’s newspaper for information on local events that you can attend together. Free or cheap activities that you can enjoy with your family are usually the most memorable and funniest.

Wrapping up gifts, shopping, festive cooking, decorating your house and the Christmas tree, playing snowball are exactly those activities that help to build strong family bonds and boost happiness. Christmas is also about teaching your little ones to share, give, love and appreciate family values. Spending this time with your family is the best way to celebrate Christmas ever!

8. Participate in something

Join up with a choir, take part in a Christmas play or go caroling with a group. It will give you something to focus on that brings joy to others during this season.

Encourage your neighbors and friends to organize an interesting activity for the whole community. Or, consider volunteering in the local festivals during a holiday season. Knowing that you do something that makes people happy is truly a good way to make this Christmas more meaningful.

9. Be nice

You should be nice year round, but why not start this Christmas season? Try opening doors for people, letting other cars cut in front of you in traffic and just generally being calm and polite instead of getting upset. You can take the holiday cheer a step further by doing random acts of kindness for strangers or people you know could use some cheering up.

Christmas along with the New Year can be a good starting point for changes and improvement. It’s easier to proceed with a positive attitude and thinking when you’re inspired by Christmas cheer. Kindness and politeness are contagious and they usually arouse an equal response.

10. Live in the moment

The holidays can be stressful and challenging when you are struggling to keep up with everyone. Slow down for a moment and just enjoy where you are, right now. You don’t have to have a perfect house or do ten crafts a day with your children. Live in the now and stop stressing so much about tomorrow. You will find you enjoy your Christmas much more this way.

Trying to stick to your rigid plan might prevent you from appreciating the present moment. You should relax and stop thinking about what the things will look like if you stop controlling them. Remember that all you have is now.

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December should be a time of counting your blessings and enjoying the holiday spirit that is everywhere. All too often, people get caught up in the rush to have the best Christmas ever and they never get to truly enjoy their time with the family. Make sure this year is a good one.

Make this Christmas more meaningful and you’ll see that the holiday season is actually a wonderful season! What are your plans for this Christmas?