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5 Valid Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

Catalina 6 months ago - in Health & Fitness

Kombucha has been a favorite healing drink of many nations for centuries. The fermented tea drink boasts a host of amazing health benefits. It is an excellent source of healthy probiotics that improve digestion, combat and prevent candida overgrowth and boost overall gut health. Apart from it, kombucha helps to increase energy levels, and it is a healthy alternative to black tea and coffee. Read on to discover some of the best benefits of drinking kombucha once in a while.

1. Reduce your caffeine intake

If you are addicted to coffee and you feel like caffeine is slowly ruining your health, it is time to find a way to reduce your coffee intake. Kombucha is a healthy alternative to coffee. While it is not the best morning drink, it may help you overcome your addiction and start drinking coffee in moderation. Add a slice of lime or lemon to your kombucha to reap even more health benefits.

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2. Detox the body

Kombucha has powerful detoxifying properties. It is fortified with antioxidants and helps counteract liver cell toxicity, balance internal pH, fight free-radicals that cause cancer, and can aid healthy cell regeneration. Some studies show that drinking a fermented tea can help reduce kidney stones.

Kombucha is an adaptogen – a plant-derived biologically active substance- that eliminates free radicals that cause chronic fatigue, oxidative stress, and many other diseases.

3. It contains enzymes and B vitamins

Due to its high enzyme and B vitamin content, kombucha helps your body to absorb more nutrients, strengthen your immune system, improve your eye and heart health, relieve PMS, boost memory and concentration, decrease stress, and relieve anxiety and depression.

Kombucha also has low amounts of alcohol in it, helping increase the feeling of well-being. It is not a beer, and you will not get drunk, but a glass of kombucha can help you relax at the end of the hard day. It sounds like a good reason to give up on alcohol, doesn’t it?

4. It suppresses the cortisol release

Cortisol is one of the harmful stress hormones that affects many brain functions, reduces your energy, increases sugars in the bloodstream, and leads to hypertension. Kombucha is loaded with vitamin C that has been shown to suppress the release of cortisol. The next time you feel stressed and exhausted, try drinking a glass of kombucha instead of coffee. It is a healthy way to reduce your stress levels.

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5. Keeps your digestive system healthy

The fermented tea drink controls the digestive system by boosting the acidity of the gut, which is vital for easing digestion. Kombucha keeps your system moving, alleviating constipation and stomach spasms. It helps to lower glucose levels and reduce the post-meal spikes.

There are many other health benefits of drinking kombucha at least twice a week. It can relieve headaches and migraines, rebuild connective tissue, helping with gout, arthritis, asthma, and rheumatism, boost metabolism and promotes weight loss. It is good for your hair, nails, and skin.

Of course, it is not a magic drink that heals every disease, but including it into your weekly drinking plan may help you feel healthier and more energized. Have you already discovered the benefits of kombucha? Do you make your own fermented tea drink or drink a store-bought version?