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7 Times When You Should Visit a Family Therapist

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Family

Successful family life is one of the most complicated and tangled things in the world. Sooner or later, even strong and at first glance happy couples face various life challenges, tough times and relationship crises. It often happens due to the influence of unresolved psychological conflicts.

As a result, couples break up, because they try to run away from psychological problems, instead of learning how to overcome them and move on. Read on to know when it is necessary to seek professional help and understand that couples therapy is an essential part of a long-lasting and happy relationship.

1. Problems with kids

Children are the hostages of the situation and their future success, status, health and prosperity depend mostly on the quality of a psychological atmosphere within their families and parent-child relationships.

Many parents who believe that the process of upbringing kids is easy are mistaken. They realize it when the situation gets out of control, and they do not have even the remotest idea on how to rebuild trust, reach a mutual understanding with kids and bring up healthy and integrated personalities. The psychologist will help you, and you partner correct parental mistakes before it is too late.

2. Inability to reach mutual understanding

Men and women often find it difficult to reach an understanding, because they have different views, ideals, priorities, interests and preferences by nature. When they get married, they have to accept each other’s weaknesses and put up with annoying habits and behaviors.

Unfortunately, sometimes the attempts to find a compromise or discuss the problem give birth to fights, offences, misunderstanding and thoughts about divorce. In this case, only a family therapist can help you find civilized and appropriate mutually beneficial solutions.

3. Inner doubts

Every day people have to make both important and insignificant choices. When we enter a relationship or get married, we automatically start thinking and analyzing everything more often than ever.

Whether you are a confident optimist or a diffident pessimist, you have to deal with constant inner doubts and choose how to act in one or another life situation. If you are not sure of your choice or life priorities, and you do not want your doubts to poison the family union, it is necessary to discuss your dilemmas with a specialist.

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4. Poor self-improvement

Happy family life requires partners to improve either physically and mentally. People often go to beauty salons and gyms, but forget about their inner beauty, harmony, and development.

Recognition of mistakes and work on yourself are indispensable elements of productive self-improvement. It is easier to improve yourself when someone helps you look at your problem differently. Sitting alone with your thoughts and difficulties can lead you up the garden and spoil the quality of your family life. Couples therapy is what you need.

5. Groundless anxiety

Nowadays almost every married person has at least once experienced groundless anxiety. This emotional state attacks human mind when they cannot cope with their worries alone.

Groundless anxiety is often the consequence of painful breakups, troubles at work and other stressful events. Pay considerable attention to this emotional discomfort and visit a professional to find a quick solution. Do not wait until groundless anxiety will turn into a chronic problem and transform into serious psychological disorders.

6. Depressive states

Only a few percent of married people, who suffer from an obsessive feeling of anxiety, ask doctors for help. As a result, chronic stress causes various depressive states and somatic disorders.

Stop telling yourself that you are busy and you do not have time. Realize that a long-lasting depression is a bomb that can destroy even the strongest love. If your relationship is suffering from depression, you should find the true cause of depression and find a way to break the vicious circle of sorrow in your family.

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7. Mind games

From time to time, partners start playing mind games, because they mistakenly believe that they will help them restore mutual understanding and achieve the desired result. These games usually consist of manipulations, emotional blackmail and silent treatment.

Unfortunately, many of these games do not lead to a happy ending. The only person, who can give you valuable advice on how to stop it, is an experienced family therapist. Couples therapy can work miracles.

I hope this article helped you realize that mutual and harmonic atmosphere are the pledge of a happy and healthy family. Have you ever visited a family therapist?