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10 Awesome Kourtney Kardashian Looks

Julia 6 months ago - in Entertainment

If you’ve ever paid attention to the way Kim Kardashian looks, her curvy body and sexy dresses might make you wanna have the same style. But her older sister Kourtney is definitely our another favorite Dash sister whose sense of style is really prominent. So, here are 10 ways you can look just like Kourt and rock the street style like a real fashionista.

1. Jumpsuit

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Don’t forget you can change trivial jeans or pants for a perfect overalls. It can be either denim jumpsuit or a good cotton piece. The color and textile choice is up to you, so, whatever you like is gonna look amazing. Kourtney is a huge fan of denim on denim, that`s why she chose a plain sailing with the help of a denim overall.

2. Midi-length

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A good-quality midi-length dress will replace a classic little black dress. But what`s even better is a striped midi-dress. It is a perfect combination of classic and popular trends. Kourthey as a prominent fashionista knows it very well. So use this easy trick to look amazing in every situation, because midi-length is suitable for any occasion. Add some statement jewelry and pumps, those will make your outfit stylish and notable.

3. Skinny jeans

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Every Kardashian sister has a pair of perfect skinny jeans, even though they are known for curvy bodies, and people usually think it`s hard to find a good pair of jeans even for slim bodies. But these ladies are confident about their looks and are sure that a good pair of skinny jeans will make your figure not worse than supermodels have. So, go and buy a nice pair of jeans and don`t be stingy, as it is a good investment, you won`t regret it.

4. Thigh-high boots

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Thigh-high boots are a must-have for every it-girl. They look amazing with jeans, skirts, shorts and of course, dresses. Over-the-knee boots make everything look sexy and feminine. Put them on if you are going on a romantic dinner, combine them with a skater skirt or leather shorts, wear classic blouse or a turtleneck. Create an elegant outfit, adding some small earrings and bracelets, don`t go with a huge bag, just take a clutch and you look ready.

5. Gladiator sandals

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Gladiator sandals took over the fashion world last summer when every known it-girl chose these fantastic pair of shoes as her must-have. They look perfect with beach dress or shorts, with flare summer dresses and skirts. They seem to be a good pair of stylish summer shoes, but it`s not an every-day choice. So wear them for a party or for a stroll in the park and you gonna be a real star of the street style.

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6. Boyfriend jeans

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Another good choice for a walk or for a shopping marathon with your girlfriends is a pair of boyfriend jeans. They are comfortable and look nice, despite the way they possibly hide your fit booty and curvy hips. So whenever you`ll have to take a long stroll you can wear this nice pair of jeans put on your favorite heels if you want more glamorous look, if you need comfort out on flats or sneakers.

7. Nude colors

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All Kardashian sisters are into nude colors, no wonder as it looks great on sun-tanned skin and definitely compliments beautiful black hair. There is no need to put nude clothing all over you, just let it be either a dress or good pants, even your favorite pumps gonna look perfect and make your legs look longer. Nude color is a real magic, it makes everything so sexy and elegant.

8. Shirt-dresses

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Shirt-dresses are very popular among the fashion girls. This type of dress looks feminine, chic and graceful. It is perfects for a summer, if you work in the hot office and it`s gonna look perfect on a romantic date. Pair it with wedge sandals or even ankle boots, both variants are pretty awesome.

9. Shorts

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Shorts are the real must-have in every woman wardrobe. They look perfects each season. In summer you can pair them with crop tops, shirts, sandals or flats, in autumn you can rock over-size sweater, leather shorts, ankle boots and a backpack, you definitely will be the most stylish girl out there. Kourtney Kardashian is a huge fan of shorts and she combines it with everything, from the plaid shirts to elegant blouses.

10. Blazers

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Perfect spring-summer outwear is for sure a blazer. It will make any outfit look more chic and stylish. Blazers look good in the office and on romantic dates. You ask why it is such a must in your wardrobe, well we should say it is another basic item that matches with everything. No matter how you wanna look either sporty or feminine, blazer will do its` thing it `s gonna look exactly as you wanted. You can pair it with wedge sneakers or with pumps, even with your favorite over-the-knee shoes. Kourtney likes to wear a blazer with beautiful flare jeans and top.

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So, as you see there is no complication in looking as stylish and feminine as Kourtney Kardashian. All you need to do is to understand that basic and classic clothes are the best in every situation, for any occasion, and they are easy to combine between each other. Get yourself a good pair of shoes, jeans and a beautiful dress and it`s almost done.