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No Worries: 4 Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

Ann Joy 6 months ago - in DIY, Lifestyle

3. Pumpkin design

No time to carve out pumpkins? Kids loudly insisting on taking part in this process? When carving is out of the question (I’m pretty sure I’d injure myself if I started doing it), just paint these pumpkins. Maybe it isn’t the same fun, but at least it is safe, and even the youngest in the family can create their own pumpkin designs. Any kind of paint will work, even if you don’t have anything but lipstick and eyeliner. You can make very cute pumpkins – or scary, as we all know too much makeup can turn someone into a fright, but it is double the fun experimenting when you know the result will be great anyway. Even if you happen to dislike what you have just painted, wipe or wash it off and start again – so easy as compared to carving, and it can be done very fast if you’re pressed for time.