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10 Totally Lazy Yet Fun Date Ideas

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Love

Spending time with your partner is (usually) fun and relaxing. Date night might be the highlight of the week, but sometimes, you do not want to go all out. Who needs makeup or pants that button? Not you! If you are wanting to spend some quality time together but both of you are absolutely lazy, I have got a list of ten fun yet lazy date ideas for you to consider.

1. Bring the theater home

Watch a movie or TV show. Yes, this might seem obvious but you can make this an event from your couch. Pick a new show or an anticipated movie you both want to see. Make a no phone rule, so it is almost like the theater but without the annoying loud talker in the next row.

2. Challenge your lazy brains

Pick a classic board or card game. Bonus points if you start a Monopoly game and actually finish it. If you are more into technology, bust out the Xbox or your phones and go head to head. Or play against other players on the internet. No one has to know if you do not have pants on.

3. Get a little crazy (or not)

If you enjoy adult beverages, hit the liquor store for some new wine or beer to try. Or look up new cocktail recipes to try at home. If you really miss the bar, you can always play some loud music and turn off the lights.

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4. Tickle your taste buds

Try some new foods. Bring home a sample of cheese and crackers from your next grocery store trip. Or order some new foods from Doordash. If you are already out, try every single sample at Costco. Bonus: they are all free!

5. Let Spotify arrange a date for you

Listen to some music. No concerts necessary here. Open up your Spotify playlists and listen to each other’s favorite music. You might learn something new about your partner and find a new favorite workout song.

6. Puzzle yourself

Take it back old school and put together a giant puzzle. You will have fun working together and share the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a project. Plus, you will have a chance to talk uninterrupted.

7. Root for your team

If you want to leave the house, try going to a local sports games. The tickets are usually inexpensive. You will not have to drive far or deal with the traffic of a major game. You can also dress down and fit right in.

8. Check out the stars

Bring a blanket to the backyard and check out the stars. You can download an app that will help you identify the constellations or try to find them on your own. Enjoy the quiet time and get lost in space.

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9. Ask each other questions

Do a quiz or conversation game you can find online. Answer all the questions and pay attention to your partner’s answers. It is a fun and lazy way to see how their brain works in different situations.

10. Explore your park

Visit your local park. Find a comfortable bench and people watch. You can bring some old bread and feed the ducks. It is soothing, cleans out your pantry, and you get to see cute animals. And yoga pants are acceptable!

When both of you do not feel like having a super creative date night, these ten ideas will help you spend your weekend in a fun yet lazy way. Feel free to share your lazy date ideas with us in the comments.