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7 Morning Mistakes We’re All Guilty of Making

Ann Joy 6 months ago - in Health & Fitness, Lifestyle

2. Being constantly short on shuteye

Everybody knows that too little sleep is harmful to health, but even reading a detailed list of health issues this may cause rarely prevents us from watching TV or browsing something online until late at night. So the fact that lack of sleep has been associated with a variety of serious health problems isn’t motivational (or demotivating?) enough, as these may – or may not – occur at some point, while different kinds of instant entertainment are easily accessible right now. After all, stress is devastating for our health as well, so why not unwind like that at the end of the day?

The truth backed by scientific research is that all those electronic devices are not very good for this purpose, keeping us wired and preventing us from falling asleep easily. It is best to turn them off at least half an hour before your bedtime, which should be 7-8 hours from when you need to get up in the morning. While it may not be worth obsessing about a host of potential health problems resulting from lack of sleep someday, you probably know that your energy levels, concentration and productivity decrease instantly whenever you are not getting enough sleep.

Also, at night your skin goes into a renewal mode, so cutting back on sleep is another counter-productive thing to do, as it interferes with these natural processes and reduces the effectiveness of these expensive night creams and serums you expect to work wonders. Seriously, ladies, are you willing to sacrifice your beauty and great-looking skin to Facebook stuff or a late TV show you find sort of entertaining?