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7 Reasons I Don’t Watch the News Anymore

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

Honestly, modern human beings can’t imagine a life without the news. Every morning, millions of people all over the world prefer to start the day with watching, listening or reading the latest news. They believe that the morning news will certainly come them in handy during the day. However, they don’t realize that sooner or later their excessive curiosity can play a mean trick with them.

A few years ago I had a similar point of view, but a bit later I noticed that my habit of watching the news had significantly spoiled the quality of my life. I decided to try a few weeks off mainstream news, because I was sick and tired of absorbing large amounts of information.

Now I know that no news is good news. It’s much easier to live and enjoy this life without TV and newspapers. I don’t waste time watching different news programs, because I think that today mass media is playing fast and loose with the society. They use all possible psychological tricks to mesmerize public opinion. I just want people to realize that regular reading and watching the news can exert a big negative influence on their emotional and physical well-being.

If you also decide to ignore mainstream news, you should spend more time communicating with positive people. They’ll help you keep the track of the latest and the most important events without watching the news. Here’s why I stopped watching the news and suggest you do the same:

1. It’s a creativity killer

Creativity is an essential part of my life, because my job requires me to be active and creative. From time to time, like many other people I deal with creativity ups and downs, because the level of my originality depends on the mood and the state of mind.

The morning news is my biggest creativity killer. It can easily shift my focus from necessary and valuable thoughts to unnecessary ones. As a result, I accomplish any task and it’s very difficult to catch the inspiration again. I know that many experienced creative personalities prefer to stay away from mainstream news, because creativity is above all for them. They refuse to stuff their heads with odd information. It helps them hear their inner voice of inspiration and make their creative ideas come true.

2. Awareness won’t make me happier

People often say that those who’re well informed about everything happening around them, have more opportunities to become happy and successful. Frankly speaking, I don’t support this point of view. It depends on what’s happiness for you. Although awareness is crucially important these days, absorbing the news 24 hours a day is too much of a good thing. You shouldn’t dedicate too much time to this activity – it won’t change your life for the better.

Do you remember at least one piece of the news that helped you come to an important decision or inspired you to reach one or another goal? I don’t remember any. I think these often pointless articles carry no positive or valuable information. I try to be moderately aware of things that take place in the world, because I’m not used to run to extremes in everything I do.

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3. It’s an infinite source of negativity

Before taking the decision to ignore mainstream news, I made an attempt to analyze the news reported by the media. I found out that about 90 percent of information had a negative message. If you don’t believe, then turn on the TV and you’ll hear only about murders, financial crisis, earth quakes, wars, diseases and terrorism.

In the pursuit of leadership many TV channels and city desks begin to use sneaky tricks to attract an audience. Reporters are able to move the mountains to create an extremely popular article. In most cases they prefer to make an elephant out of a fly or use other effective techniques to mislead and affect people’s subconscious mind.

I have always wondered why TV companies bring the negative news only. Why don’t they report on positive events, human achievements, good deeds and inspirational information that can motivate people to move on and develop? They make us get used to somebody’s sufferings and pain. That’s the answer why do modern people become so hard-hearted and inhuman.

4. This negativity damages my emotional well-being

Two years of being an active news consumer made me chronically anxious and emotionally unstable personality. Being a hypochondriac personality, I can’t respond to constant negativity adequately so I stopped watching the news once and for all. Every time you watch or read the news, you’re filling your mind with fear and anxiety. It’s been proven that these poisonous feelings can affect your health.

As you see, this awareness can cause you too much trouble. I don’t want you to repeat my mistakes and complicate your life. Just cut mass media out of your life and focus on your personal goals and dreams instead of consuming negativity that can gradually plunge you into a long-term depression.

5. It doesn’t let me get a peaceful sleep

As strange as it may seem, but night is the most productive time to think about crazy and inappropriate things that really don’t matter. As soon as I close my eyes and try to fall asleep, the army of disturbing pictures about catastrophes, accidents and human sufferings reported in the latest news appear in my mind. They’re so obsessive that I can do nothing to break the chain of negative thoughts that cause insomnia.

The only effective way to handle the situation is to wave goodbye to mass media. Almost all people, who’re allergic to tragedy, should get rid of information overload for the sake of their happiness. Keep in mind that the less you know, the better you sleep.

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6. I don’t want to be addicted to it

Nowadays, information, especially negative one is like a drug. People become addicted to social media and don’t realize that this terrible habit can steal their happiness in the twinkling of an eye. Many of us are becoming used to watch news broadcasts two, three and even more times a day. Human curiosity often doesn’t let us resist this obsessive temptation. I’m a curious person as well, but I don’t want mainstream media to limit my individual thinking. The sooner you understand that the news is as dangerous as alcohol or drugs, the faster you’ll get rid of this, at first glance, harmless habit.

7. Productivity and optimism are my priorities

I can state with confidence that all the daily portions of bad news can turn an optimist into a pessimist in a quite short period of time. Modern information flow is a very powerful thing that can easily cut the ground under your feet. It can destabilize even strong and resistant to stress personalities. This is only the matter of time.

People become passive and pessimistic, because they can do nothing to make a difference. It makes them feel week and helpless. What for should we suffer for the things we’re not responsible for? It’s necessary to say ‘no’ to mainstream news to become more productive and have more time to live this life to the fullest.

I don’t watch the news anymore, because I know it’s not worth my time and attention. I’m sure the bad news, annoying advertisements, psychological manipulative actions can steal my confidence and narrow my horizons. I hope my experiences will open your eyes to this unbelievable truth. Do you still have a desire to watch the news? We’d like to know your point of view.