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8 Ridiculously Fun and Interesting Valentine’s Day Infographics

Catalina 6 months ago - in Love

Valentine’s Day is one of the most favorite holidays of the year that many of us can’t wait for. This is the only day of the year when people ditch their busy schedules and celebrate love. If you already start preparing for Valentine’s Day, you may find some of these infographics helpful and interesting. Even if you won’t, at least you will learn about some new things you didn’t know about.

1. Valentine’s Day By The Numbers

When it comes to any holiday, we typically start with a brief history and some numbers. Valentine’s Day is no exception. You don’t need to look for history books to learn about the most prominent facts about February 14. Moreover, you don’t need to check out the statistics to find out how people spend their hard-earned money on Valentine’s Day each year. This infographic is your perfect short guide.

2. Like Your Date to Be Dirty?

Okay, this infographic isn’t about Valentine’s Day date or gift ideas, but it’s really worth to check out. You will learn some new interesting and a bit strange facts about personal hygiene. Who will win the battle of the sexes on cleanliness and hygiene? Guys or girls? What do you think?

3. What Your Valentine’s Day Gift Says About Your Relationship


Each gift has its meaning. Oftentimes we purchase the gifts that are actually meaningless junk. If you want to impress your sweetheart on February 14, this infographic is your safe bet. You’ll learn about what your gift can say about the future of your relationship. Exactly what you need around Valentine’s Day.

4. Devices of Love


Could you imagine your life without your smartphone? Most people are addicted to their phones, so why not take advantage of it? The infographic will help you turn your smartphone into a cool device of love. Let your phone help you find yourself a date or your soulmate.

5. Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around the World


Want to know how people celebrate Valentine’s Day in different parts of the world? Look no further. The infographic will tell you about some fun Valentine’s Day traditions in Japan, Denmark, France, England, Finland, the Philippines, Germany, Taiwan and South Korea. Who would like to get 108 roses on February 14, girls?

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6. Kissing

No Valentine’s Day celebration is complete without kisses. You will be amazed at what you will learn from the Kissing infographic. I didn’t know many of these facts. For example, did you know that kissing was a sin in 1666? Or, did you ever hear about philematophobia? Educating yourself is always a good thing.

7. Romantic Ideas You Can Do at Home


Are you sick and tired of celebrating Valentine’s Day at restaurant year by year? Need some creative yet budget-friendly ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home? This infographic is your little guide to creating the most romantic evening ever. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about thoughtful and creative gestures, not about expensive restaurants and hotels.

8. What Romantic Movie Should You Watch?


If you have trouble picking a romantic movie for yourself, for your partner or friends, this infographic is here to help you. Valentine’s Day movie night isn’t a problem anymore. Start early to create a complete Valentine’s Day movie list of all the movies you will be watching all day (or night) long.

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Valentine’s Day is a little more than a month away, it’s great to begin celebrating love today. Whether you are single or in a long-term relationship, you shouldn’t ignore this fantastic holiday. You don’t necessarily have to love a man or a woman. You can love yourself, your parents, your pets, your friends and anything that makes you happy and inspires you to be better.